These Shoes Are Made for Talking

My art partner and I recently finished a series of art workshops at the Lighthouse, a residential substance abuse recovery program  for women located in Oxnard. Bringing an array of shoes to one of the last sessions, we invited the women to select one particular shoe, then write a story from the shoe’s perspective – who wore the shoe, what was her life like, what did she do, where did she go, what were her concerns. We were so pleased with the results I formatted the writing pieces into a single-signature twelve page book. The woman completed their own handmade books by creating watercolored covers that were handstitched and embellished with beads. The following is one of our favorites:

Pretty in Pink

They probably had a night of dancing

 Pretty in pink.

A night on the promenade

 Pretty in pink.

Clams & lobster tails on the beach

 Pretty in pink.

A night in a crowd at a concert

 Pretty in pink.

A night of fireworks

Pretty in pink.

A night on a bored walk not under the boardwalk

  Pretty in pink.

Not in the back seat of a car with just anyone

    Pretty in pink.

Or a cockroach hotel

    Pretty in pink.

On a man she will spend the rest of her life

     Pretty in pink.

by Janet S.

This art activity was based on a BuildaBridge modification of an original curriculum by Joel Lambert, Eastern University Master’s Student in the MA Urban Studies: Arts in Transformation Program. 2009. Used with permission.

3 comments to These Shoes Are Made for Talking

  • Barbara Price Davis

    love love love it!!!!


  • ruth Schneider

    What a great idea. What cute shoes.

  • I love this topic. It’s something that pretty much anyone can write about if they wear shoes. And what a great way to urge the girls to write down their thoughts and deepest emotions. It’s so good to hear about your work with Lighthouse. May more doors continue to open for you. I’d like to see what the covers of the books looked like.

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