Stinks & Bangs

I’ve recently finished a chapter entitled “Stinks & Bangs’” in Oliver Sacks’ engaging Uncle Tungsten – Memoirs of a Chemical Childhood. Sacks, a distinguished neurologist known for his best-selling book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, recounts his boyhood fascination with all things chemical. That fascination led to experiments in . . . → Read More: Stinks & Bangs

Court Shoes

Several weeks ago I posted a “talking shoe” poem by one of the women at the Lighthouse, a residential substance abuse treatment program in Oxnard. Today’s post is an especially poignant but encouraging example from the small book they compiled These Shoes Were Made for Talking.

Court Dates

. . . → Read More: Court Shoes

Creativity & Pain

A friend from back East recently asked whether I’d ever explored the linkage between pain and creativity. She reflected on the profuse creativity of Frida Kahlo who suffered tremendous physical pain and Van Gogh who painted beautifully in the midst of deep emotional turmoil. Yet she observed there are those whose creativity grinds . . . → Read More: Creativity & Pain

Meaning & Metaphor

Meaning is an important value for me. Often it is the most important aspect of my creative process and frequently revolves around the question ” what have I learned about myself in the process of creating this particular work of art?”

Mining metaphor as a part of the . . . → Read More: Meaning & Metaphor