Inspiration – Unbidden Images

Inspiration arrives in the most improbably ways, and for me, usually unbidden. Over the years it has even evolved in order to keep pace with technology.

For a number of years I attended a study at a church decorated with lovely banners. I appreciated their visual beauty each week. Occasionally, I . . . → Read More: Inspiration – Unbidden Images

Creativity & Death

At a recent interview, the featured artist when asked what motivated her creativity said she believed people created because they are afraid of death. Really! I’ve been thinking about that philosophy of creativity all week. Do I really create because I’m afraid of death? Am I afraid of death? I’ll be among the . . . → Read More: Creativity & Death

And My Heart Soars

I used to be intimidated about writing poetry; my mind blank before a piece of paper or a computer cursor that blinked…”well…?” Then Barbara and Susan, two teacher friends, introduced me to a writing prompt called a copy change. We were given a copy of Chief Dan George’s poem And . . . → Read More: And My Heart Soars

One Thing Leads to Another

The only things keeping our back fence from falling over were overgrown trumpet vines and termites holding hands. But the day finally dawned in early August when the roll-off dumpster arrived and work began in earnest. Two of the three trumpet vines were removed all together along with the aged, rotting fence and . . . → Read More: One Thing Leads to Another

Benign Neglect

In a recent comment on the “Stinks & Bangs” post, my art partner Lee wrote of the longed-for playhouse she eventually created herself when her father failed to follow through on his promise to build one for her. Years later, from an adult’s perspective, she could accept that her father hadn’t intended to . . . → Read More: Benign Neglect