And My Heart Soars

I used to be intimidated about writing poetry; my mind blank before a piece of paper or a computer cursor that blinked…”well…?” Then Barbara and Susan, two teacher friends, introduced me to a writing prompt called a copy change. We were given a copy of Chief Dan George’s poem  And My Heart Soars as a beginning inspiration and then invited to personalize the poem by changing the descriptive lines of each stanza while keeping the refrain lines the same. Recently at The Lighthouse, a faith-based residential substance abuse recovery program in Oxnard, we introduced And My Heart Soars and invited the women to create their own copy change poems. The image at left is the watercolor booklet cover painted for the poem below.

 And My Heart Soars 

 The height of the concrete buildings

The smell of brisk city air

The green of suburban lawns

Speaks to me.

The red bricks in a school yard

The smell of wet blacktop

The buzy sound of traffic

Speaks to me.

The radiant heat the sun emits

The humming and buzzing of airplanes above

The rhythm of a tourist’s stroll

Speaks to me.

These endless streets

The coolness in the air

The eyes that are everywhere

And my heart soars and flutters…

Thanks be to God!

                                                                                               by Veronika

What speaks to you? What makes your heart soar?

Click on And My Heart Soars to see Chief Dan George’s poem. How would you change his poem to make it your own?

I look forward to enjoying the unique things that make your heart soar.

5 comments to And My Heart Soars

  • Barbara

    And My Heart Soars

    The coolness of a summer morning,
    Deep shade on hottest days,
    The warmth of garden soil.
    These speak to me.

    The V of traveling geese above,
    The modest flowers on succulents,
    A golden, crisp October moon.
    These speak to me.

    The greeting of my kitties,
    A phone call from a friend,
    A faithful, understanding ear.
    These speak to me

    The breath of God’s wisdom,
    A hug that holds my heart with care,
    Shared words between bared souls,
    Reminding me that love still lives.
    These speak to me.

    And my heart soars.

  • And My Heart Soars

    The warmth of Hannah’s hug,
    the mischief in blue eyes,
    the comfort of her touch,
    speak to me.

    My helping hand to others,
    Their helping hand to me,
    Our love for one another,
    Speak to me.

    The colors God created,
    My rendition on my palette,
    Nature’s ever-changing beauty,
    Speak to me.

    The holiness of God,
    My unworthiness,
    His unconditional love,
    Speak to me

    And my Heart Soars…

  • "Karinski"

    And My Heart Soars

    The unspoken and unseen control of a government
    The disregard for human life
    The lack of privacy
    Speaks to me.

    The helpless husband comforting his ailing wife
    Their new baby learning new ways to hold mommy
    Her mother caring for her ailing grown daughter
    Speaks to me.

    A new son’s capacity to adapt
    An older son’s desire for his new brother’s attention
    The rhythm of new brothers
    Speaks to me.

    The endless energy for Him
    A government’s enthusiastic support of a new Church
    The Spirit moving in unexpected places
    And my heart soars and flutters…

    Thanks be to God!

  • Karen

    The simple song of a sparrow,
    The sunlit flight of a goldfinch,
    The steel blue feathers of a Great Heron,
    Speaks to me.

    The misty halo of a galaxy,
    Black night splashed with milky star paths,
    The bronze glow of a Harvest moon,
    speaks to me.

    The fragrance of a night blooming cactus,
    The scarlet brilliance of a prickly pear flower,
    The stunning beauty of a desert Lily,
    speaks to me.

    The ‘hello’ of my child,
    The touch of my love’s hand,
    The prayers of my friend,
    The mercy of my Jesus,
    speaks to me.

  • Giulie

    Thank you for these – I’m a teacher introducing this poem to my students and was thinking we might play with adding our own stanzas.

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