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Out of Sorts

 Let me just say up front, if I’d had a blue collar job, ideally, it would have been the unpacking end of corporate re-locations. So in short, I was in very good sorts last week helping my daughter and her husband move into their new home in Raleigh, NC after four years overseas . . . → Read More: Out of Sorts

Grandmother Doll

Nearly ten years ago I participated in a continuing ed class presented by therapist/artist friends Joyce Lombard and Patty Van Dyke entitled Grandmother as Archetype. Using our own bodies as outlines, we created life-size dolls embellished with meaning, metaphor and stories. My Grandmother Doll holds court in an oak Windsor chair in our family room . . . → Read More: Grandmother Doll


Once upon a time I jumped off a hundred foot cliff on a hang glider. It was in the early 70s when the sport was in its infancy; training and saftety gear were essentially non-existent. Some friends invited me to check out the carefree enthusiasts who were enjoying the new sport at a . . . → Read More: Risk

Buried Alive

A spring garden always looks a little worse for wear with the residue of winter weeds and fallen leaves. Even the exuberance of the calla lilies is a bit too much with green elephant ears flopping this way and that, spilling over used brick retaining walls, entangling my ankles as I dead head spent blooms. . . . → Read More: Buried Alive