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Inside/Outside was the last art project of the season. The women at the Lighthouse spent three weeks painting, embellishing and incorporating meaning into their individual paper pulp masks. And we needed feathers. Lots of feathers.

The artistic invitation was to create an image that externally expressed who they are and who they . . . → Read More: Feathers


I’m still in the zone. The back of the package says the ideal planting time  for giant sunflowers is between March and July. Well, what’s left of the package. Having ripped open the package to commandeer some of the seeds to be pasted in a half inch deep niche at the end of an . . . → Read More: Seeds

I Got Rhythm

Who could ask for anything more? posed lyricist Ira Gershwin.

Surprisingly, there was a lot more so I learned during the daily drumming cirlces at BuildaBridge International’s  Institute for Art in Transformation lead by Jim Borling, Professor of Music and Director of Music Therapy at Radford University, Radford, VA.

. . . → Read More: I Got Rhythm

Deep Gladness

I’ve finished teaching my last class. My art bags are packed. I’ve got a few hours to kill until I head for the Philadelphia airport. And time to reflect on nine years of  involvement with BuildaBridge International’s  Institute for Art in Transformation.

We’ve met at four different locations during that . . . → Read More: Deep Gladness

Same ~ Same ~ Different

As I wrote recently, I learned a lot at my mother’s elbow, usually unintentionally. Long ago, I sat at her elbow at the dining room table. We were each engrossed with crayons, coloring our separate pages in my coloring book. One by one, she picked out different colors, laying down thin perpendicular lines . . . → Read More: Same ~ Same ~ Different