Thelma & Louise

This week our daughter and I are celebrating the seventh anniversary of a memorable road trip. And a whole lot more.

Seven years ago, after learning that she had inherited the BRCA1 gene, Karen elected to undergo aggressive breast cancer surgery and reconstruction at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN. . . . → Read More: Thelma & Louise


Things happen in life you don’t expect. Things pop up. When they do, you turn them into art projects. At least that’s what we did for the last two weekends at the Teen Reach Adventure Camps designed especially for foster teens (ages 12-15) who have likely experienced abuse, abandonment and neglect.

. . . → Read More: Pop-Up


The sound of breaking terra cotta pots, giggles and groans filled the art room at this year’s Teen Reach Adventure Camp, a three-day, girls-only camp designed especially for foster teens (ages 12 – 15) who have likely experienced abuse, abandonment or neglect.

Each girl and counselor was given a pot inside . . . → Read More: Busted

All I Can See

When the women at the Lighthouse began painting their masks Lisa began with a flurry. Not her accustomed process. She covered the surface of her molded paper mask with countless layers of “S”s in multiple colors until it was completely covered. Layer upon layer, color upon color. Her final touch was a large . . . → Read More: All I Can See