Dots ~ Lots of Dots

As a kid I loved dot-to-dot workbooks. Pencil in hand, I would connect the dots in the correct numbered sequence and magically an image would emerge. The invisible would become visible. How cool was that!

But sometimes dots in life can seem more than a little random and it’s hard to . . . → Read More: Dots ~ Lots of Dots


Sometimes it helps to go back to square one. To start over. To begin again. To regroup.

That’s what my art partner Lee and I figured out after sushi for lunch, and a leisurely afternoon of art-making at the studio processing the last couple of weeks at the Lighthouse. I doodled, . . . → Read More: Regroup

Sun & Shadows

Life for me isn’t always crazy happy and sunny in the art making world. Sometimes the sun casts long shadows.

And sometimes it takes a while for my eyes to adjust to the shadows in order to see what’s really there.

That happened the week after we restarted the . . . → Read More: Sun & Shadows


These are the opening pages of my journal…

“Tues. morning before 7:00 – Awakened from sleep with a nightmare about an attempted rape by a taxi driver…Told him to put his clothes back on & climb back in the front seat…He complied…I was not surprised…I felt disturbed, but not terrorized…

. . . → Read More: Pages