Happy Accident

It’s as predicable as the trees losing their leaves in fall. At some point during any given art activity, one or more of the women at the Lighthouse will declare her art work a disaster. Some rush to throw it away. Others sit helpless in frustration. Because we know that impatience, a general . . . → Read More: Happy Accident

Mundane Gratitude

Don’t get me wrong. Gratitude is not a mundane deal for me. Quite the opposite. Gratitude, for me, is cultivated thankfulness for the ordinary, routine, mundane things of life that surround me every day. It’s about attending to and appreciating the aspects of life that I might otherwise ignore because they are part . . . → Read More: Mundane Gratitude


This is the season for east winds in our neck of the woods, but they’ve been blessedly absent until last week when we had quite a blow. The kind of blow that puts everyone on edge, not just because of the excess of positive ions, but also from the fear of fires that . . . → Read More: Stripped

Sexy Shoes

Bet you didn’t expect that title to appear on one of my posts. Can’t say that I expected it either since I never quite know what’s going to happen when I introduce a new art activity to the women at the Lighthouse who are somewhere on their journey of recovery from substance abuse . . . → Read More: Sexy Shoes


I was really tempted to title this post Potsabilities, but I was worried that the groans generated by such a pun might tilt the earth’s axis. And hoping to be a good steward in this month usually dedicated to stewardship, I refrained. But really, busted terra cotta pots have lots of abilities to . . . → Read More: Busted