Long-Legged Love

Our daughter was adamant about no flamingo lawn ornaments when they lived in Kentucky, much to our son-in-law’s disappointment. But after watching him tenderly care for her after months of aggressive treatment for breast cancer, I decided this man deserved flamingos. So as his birthday neared in late August a number of years . . . → Read More: Long-Legged Love


It’s a bit of a sad reality that I remember exceedly few of the Christmas gifts I received as a child. But there were many other gifts I received during the Season that weren’t wrapped festively and placed under the Christmas tree. Those are the gifts that have kept on giving over the . . . → Read More: Gifts

When A House Is More Than A Home

The tables were covered with red plastic clothes. Six gingerbread houses waited to be decorated. Bowls of festive candies and bags of royal icing were spread about on the serving table.

No one had every decorated a gingerbread house before. Were there pictures to look at? Gosh, no. I hadn’t even . . . → Read More: When A House Is More Than A Home

Idiot Day

Once upon a time there was a beguiling eight year old boy who had a unique way of being in the world. He lived with a wonderfully wise and exquisitely patient mother who was called, from time to time, to lovingly, but firmly, address his unique ways. On such occasions, there were often . . . → Read More: Idiot Day