I’m Gonna Brag On You

It’s not uncommon for lots of people participating in an art workshop to say, “I’m not an artist.” There’s often a grain of truth in that statement. Most of us are not superbly gifted artistically like Matisse, Cezanne, Monet, O’Keeffe, or Picasso, me included. But most of us have often not exercised our . . . → Read More: I’m Gonna Brag On You

Tell Stories About Me

Several times a year friends and I attend an art retreat hosted by Connie Rohde, owner of the C Gallery in Los Alamos. We gather and greet, and enjoy Connie’s latest culinary creativity that combines simplicity and elegance in a relaxed outdoor courtyard entwined with poetry and conversation. We fuss over the latest . . . → Read More: Tell Stories About Me


Sometimes I wonder why I do it. Especially when we arrive in the midst of snack time with binders, Bibles and food items spread over every available surface. Sometimes the transition from being a dining room to becoming an art room is fairly easy. But when we have to clear away the food, . . . → Read More: Chaos

Masks We Hide Behind

I’m always a little reluctant to recycle art activities because some of the women have done them before and I don’t want them to be bored. But this week I learned the value of repeating a therapeutic art piece as a marker of healing and transformation for some. For others it was a . . . → Read More: Masks We Hide Behind


Bushed is what I was. Physically and creatively bushed after four days of loading and unloading our van with rolls of fabric, river rocks, glass stones, masks, paper sculpture birds and fish, and painted water bottles to be morphed into the creation story, a well and river of living water, the raising of . . . → Read More: Empty-Handed