Something Out of Nothing

The ladies at the Lighthouse dumped out a seeming bunch of junk on their tables. Stamped and painted 5×7 manila envelopes had arrived a few weeks earlier through the generosity of one of my art buddies Trudi, a woman with the gift of abundant generosity, especially when it comes to sharing art supplies. . . . → Read More: Something Out of Nothing


The weather was unseasonable for mid-April. Pouring buckets of rain, thunder booming and lightening flashing across the Oxnard plains. More like a mid-winter storm, but a perfect atmospheric background for painting the seasons of life in shades of gray, the latest art activity for the women at the Lighthouse, a fifteen-month, faith-based, residential . . . → Read More: Unseasonable

Bonus Round

When you’re young life happens. It’s a bouquet of mixed experiences you think is normal because you haven’t wandered around the greater garden long enough to realize the uncommonness of some of the things growing there. Plus you’re stilling learning how to cultivate, amend and nurture your emotional garden.

My husband . . . → Read More: Bonus Round

Bird By Bird

Once upon a time Anne Lamott wrote a wonderful book about writing and life called Bird by Bird that helped give wings to those of us who wanted our words to swoop across a page, perhaps even to perch on the branches of other’s hearts and sing into their lives. But this is . . . → Read More: Bird By Bird