No Guts, No Glory

I don’t have the guts to be a telemarketer. I couldn’t stand the rejection. You’d never catch me out and about the community asking businesses to donate gift baskets for a fund-raising event. I wasn’t endowed with that kind of charitable chutzpah DNA. But we’ve been blowin’ through the beads at the Lighthouse . . . → Read More: No Guts, No Glory

In Memoriam

One never expects these phone calls. The ones that interrupt a tranquil existence to announce the unimaginable. To pass on the news that others can hardly grasp. The news of an untimely death. The call from a mutual friend to tell me that the woman who has cleaned my house for the last . . . → Read More: In Memoriam

The Bryans

Anyone who follows sports with some regularity will assume The Bryans refer to twin brothers Bob and Mike Bryan who have dominated tennis doubles play for the last several years. But in this instance, it doesn’t. It refers to two very distinctly untwinlike Bryans we met on our recent road trip through the . . . → Read More: The Bryans

Giselle & Minnie

This is our first road trip using a GPS. Affectionately named Giselle, the non-anxious, disembodied female presence who guides us from point to point, has generally been a good companion. To say the least, she has a mind of her own. Some of her directions don’t always seem the most obvious or straightforward, . . . → Read More: Giselle & Minnie

Connecting the Dots

One dot was in western New York. Another dot was in New Jersey. Yet another dot was in Southern California. They were connected about a year ago when Pat Heran, Institute for Youth Ministry administrative assistant, contacted me about informally mentoring one of its students enrolled in Princeton Theological Seminary’s Certificate in Youth . . . → Read More: Connecting the Dots