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Break a Leg

After an amazing morning of movement and mask making with the women at the Lighthouse, Susan, an experienced actress and current social work  graduate student, was teaching us some of the finer points of taking a bow – as it might have been done in the theatre. It was a lot harder than it . . . → Read More: Break a Leg

One More Time

I love making art in community. That’s where I get some of my best ideas. Not stealing, but open sourcing because creativity begets creativity, and we all benefit when great ideas are shared. That’s what happened when I showed up the following Tuesday for open studio time. One of the women wanted . . . → Read More: One More Time

Talking Tattoos

For as long as I can remember I’ve fancied a tattoo, but I doubt I’ll ever get one. The closest I’ve come was a sweet little heart – a temporary tattoo clandestinely applied in a friend’s “underground tattoo parlor” at a women’s retreat.  My conservative husband was a bit taken aback when he . . . → Read More: Talking Tattoos

Who Knew?

Who knew? I just sat down to scoop powdered milk into plastic bags along with oatmeal and brown sugar as a group of us assembled a thousand “breakfasts in a baggie” during Community Service Sunday at church. Pat sat to my left scooping oatmeal then passing the baggie along to me. Plenty of time for conversation as we enjoyed the pleasant . . . → Read More: Who Knew?