The Big E

The Big E. Nope, not talkin’ about the “Big Easy” otherwise known as New Orleans. I’m talkin’ about the big E as in eye chart. That letter I most love to see clearly across an uncrowded examining room. I’ve been hangin’ out with the Big E since I was six. Started wearing glasses . . . → Read More: The Big E

New Eyes

It’s not every day you go someplace familiar and see it with new eyes. We enjoyed a whole weekend traveling along familiar paths while discovering new perspectives and places. The weather was California gorgeous as we drove along the coast north of Santa Barbara. The only clouds on the horizon were the CalTrans . . . → Read More: New Eyes

Lost & Found

Most of my high school yearbooks hadn’t been dusted off in ages. The other assorted memorabilia like commencement exercise programs and assorted reunion booklets hadn’t been looked at in…like…never. Suddenly they’ve become my new best friends. Especially when the Class of ’62’s fiftieth high school reunion loomed on the celebration horizon.

. . . → Read More: Lost & Found

Easy Marks

I’m an easy mark. Especially when it comes to making marks on foam meat trays with dull pencils or ball point pens. Those marks became stamps. Those stamps became colorful images of affection and appreciation as we all purposefully placed our marks on each others’ accordion fold pocket books. Such was our final . . . → Read More: Easy Marks