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Turbulence is a way of life living with addiction in its many forms.  Thus sayeth the women at the Lighthouse, a fifteen-month, faith-based residential treatment program for those recovering from substance abuse. Turbulent enough that Nicole suffered a panic attack while drawing a twisted heart surrounded by black spidery figures, her image of turbulence. Hyperventilating with . . . → Read More: Turbulence

Letting Go

You reach a certain age and letting go becomes a way of life. At times, it’s a gift you give your children lest they be stuck with sorting your stuff when you’re gone. At other times, it’s a gift you give yourself. For the oddest assortment of reasons. And under the oddest . . . → Read More: Letting Go

Family Tree

High school reunions are way different than family reunions. I speak with great authority, and a weariness unto death, after having back-to-back reunions one weekend after the other. Mind you, it’s a wonderful weariness unto death, but I’m all talked out plus tons of encounters to process.

Over sixty members of . . . → Read More: Family Tree


Ever wonder how to feel older than dirt and younger than springtime all in one weekend? Attend your 50th high school reunion. Standing and talking, standing and laughing, standing and hugging….and more standing….that’s what causes the older than dirt part. But the younger than springtime part? That’s about the delight in seeing . . . → Read More: Reunion