Like Forrest Gump I might have said life is a box of chocolates, but at the moment life seems more like a random pile of pieces. Sometimes the pieces are magazine images and words that get combined to tell a story of recovery. Sometimes the pieces are piles of strips or folds of . . . → Read More: Pieces


Oy veh was the short text message I sent my art partner when she asked how the morning had gone at the Lighthouse. Struggling with a bad back, she opted out of our Friday therapeutic art workshop because of a chiropractor appointment. While sorry for her suffering I knew she’d probably be relieved . . . → Read More: Faces


Frankly, I don’t very often start a voice mail message with the phrase “This is an emergency.” But that was the message I left on Pastor Erin’s cell phone after discovering my van had been towed from the parking lot behind the lovely boutique hotel where my hosts had lodged me the prior . . . → Read More: Rescue

Mixing It Up

It began with a simple question, How do you mix yellow? Well, Ashley, you don’t. It’s a primary color. But that set me to thinking. Over the last few years the Lighthouse art cabinet has been stocked with lots of small bottles of acrylic paint in lots of different colors. I’ve never taken . . . → Read More: Mixing It Up