The week after Thanksgiving our home begins to fill with the aroma of warm molasses, ginger and cinnamon as thick, sticky dough is pressed into cast iron molds forming the construction units for log cabin or Victorian gingerbread houses. Day after day the baking continues; roofs, short sides, pointy sides, chimneys, a veritable . . . → Read More: Gingerbread

Stealth Traditions

Santa isn’t the only one who roars into town delivering stealthy gifts. Many of us have beloved traditions of gifts that show up in odd places, at odd times, on unexpected occasions. And somehow the stealth involved amplifies the enjoyment for everyone.

Over four decades ago a set of faded, droopy . . . → Read More: Stealth Traditions


When you’re in your twenties you can’t imagine not decorating for Christmas, especially if you’re the creative type. But I must confess that my Martha Stewart more-is-more gene has aged and I reached a point where I decided we’d get an artificial tree when I turned 60. Alas, my cut-down-a-live-tree-and-haul-it-home . . . → Read More: Trees