I had a chance to breathe this weekend. And to play with a lovely group of women at a retreat entitled Breathe in the glorious oak-forested foothills of Montecito, an exclusive enclave near Santa Barbara. The schedule was minimal with lots of free time and relaxing breakout sessions intended to refresh the oh-so-often . . . → Read More: Play


How often has a lousy bag of popcorn motivated you to do something worthwhile? Like never. Well, except for this once. Let’s just say my one and only once was inspired by my husband’s dry comment that perhaps the popcorn was lousy because the best-used-by date was 2009. Yikes! Time to clean out . . . → Read More: Stuff


Over the last twenty years I’ve learned that art-making combined with writing is an efficient way for me to process the “memorable” moments of life – those moments that are so impactful that it takes some intentional time to integrate them into my soul. Frankly, I stumbled into this fast, fun, cheap form . . . → Read More: Box


The wise men have returned home by another way having left their gifts behind. And we returned home after an effortless roundtrip from LAX to Raleigh, NC and back; a journey that was tantamount to miraculous considering we were traveling during the height of holiday travel. The wise men didn’t face a $25 . . . → Read More: Gifts