Salt & Light

Let’s just say I dread the question, “Is there glitter?” Because it gets into everything and is difficult to clean up, I never willingly buy it. But sometimes it appears in the art cabinet at the Lighthouse through someone’s “generous” donation of unwanted art supplies. And there are a few occasions when it . . . → Read More: Salt & Light


There were long periods of quietly making art. Conversations grew more personally reflective day by day. They weren’t interested in breaking for lunch the final day. They were reluctant to go home at the end. They lingered…and then set a date for when they would gather again as a group to make art. . . . → Read More: Wow


I love random, out of the blue emails. Especially when they include an invitation for the ladies at the Lighthouse to create special art work for a upcoming sermon series. Flowing out of a Lenten devotional, 2013 Easter Journey: Encounters with Jesus produced by Waiting for Water, Brother Tom wanted art work to . . . → Read More: Elizabeth


I struck gold this weekend. Not the mining, dig it out of the mountain kind of gold. Not the Super Bowl vanquishing the enemy kind of gold. Not the insanely lopsided odds winning a jackpot kind of gold. Nope, the gold I uncovered glittered among the vineyards and along the broad main street . . . → Read More: Gold