NicoleI love random, out of the blue emails. Especially when they include an invitation for the ladies at the Lighthouse to create special art work for a upcoming sermon series. Flowing out of a Lenten devotional, 2013 Easter Journey: Encounters with Jesus produced by Waiting for Water, Brother Tom wanted art work to accompany the text from Luke 1:39-56 where Mary, newly pregnant with Jesus, visits her cousin Elizabeth who is also pregnant with a baby who will become John the Baptist. This is seriously exciting stuff. Way better than Downton Abbey.

Introducing Elizabeth and Mary, the primary characters in the text, we asked the women (who are participants in a fifteen-month, faith-based residential recovery program for substance abuse) who had been Elizabeths to them. Who had come along side and encouraged them when they were called to undertake a seemingly impossible task? And had that caused them to sing for joy – as Nicole’s picture expressively suggests?

Created on Bristol board, their oil pastels blended with baby oil were especially sweet, AND a clever connection with the story involving babies.  Rosie’s picture of Mary coming to visit Elizabeth contained the following, “In my life I have encountered many Elizabeths in my journey of being lost in my addiction. I have walked strange lands and in my journey I have been homeless and many, many strange people have opened their doors for me. I have always tried to help others. If I could not help the one who helped me, I would return the help to someone in the future. I have compassion for others and I believe that is Christ in me.” Rosie’s tablemate Chanel boldly boldly wrote the names Elizabeth and Mary in orange on either side of a blue Cross. The names of all the other women currently in the program are written surrounding the Cross because they are her Elizabeths. Vivian gently wept as she spoke tenderly of her late grandmother who was her Elizabeth, a role model who was always there for her even though she didn’t fully appreciate her at the time. Now, when she sees the stars in the night sky she is reminded of the light her grandmother represented in her life. 


Other women took the opportunity to experiment with the blending of colors as an expression of their feelings and emotions. 

Others created a fuller rendering of the text. 

And my art partner Lee exuberantly so! 

If you’ve enjoyed the encouraging, affirming influence of an Elizabeth, who was it? What was it that she affirmed in your life? How has your life been magnfied as a result of your Elizabeth? If you were to create an image of your soul magnifying the Lord, what would it look like. What story would you write?

I enjoy all of your coments, on the website and off!



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  • In a word, “you.” Lynne, you have been an important Elizabeth in my life. During a season of extreme marital difficulty, you came and spoke a word to my wife and then to me, which put us on the course of restoration, healing and hope. Because we heard God’s call to an impossible task (rebulidng a very broken marriage) and then heard your words that God can work in any situation even when we take what seem like counter-intuitice moves, things can and will change.

    I’m so stoked to see the women’s work from the Lighthouse not only highlighted in worship, but used to call others to following God on his MIssion Impossible which becomes poassible.

    Thanks Lynne

  • Deanna Bowling

    If there is a male name that relates to Elizabeth, I would like to add that to the list of people.

    Both female Elizabeths and male Elizabeths have spoken into my life. Two that stand out in particular are my Great grandmother, Granny Ennis, and my friend of almost 39 years, George Rowe.

    Currently, I have Brother Tom, you Lynne, and one of my roommates Jay. I have Elizabeths who come for a season, and Elizabeths who come for a lifetime. It all depends on the circumstances at the time.

    Thank you for the posting especially, and all of your blogs as a whole.


  • Lynn Turnage

    i cannot wait to sit at your feet at the Annual Recreation Workshop in May in Montreat, NC. You are already an Elizabeth to me and i have only heard about and read of some of your work. I lost an ‘Elizabeth’ to the stupid flu a couple of weeks back, and she would have LOVED your work and this exercise.
    THANK YOU for sharing YOU!

  • Sharron Luft

    Would Elizabeth be your middle name by any chance Lynne? I too would say you have been a key Elizabeth in my life, in serious soul needs and with pure fun art questions. I appreciate and love you for both. My dear friends Connie, Susan and Barbra would be in that category too. God has been soooo good to me, always feeding me with more than just bread, nourishing me with just what I need, an Elizabeth to walk with me.

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