Nobody had a problem drawing the first picture – what their anger looked like in the past. Everyone could remember their version of bottled poisonous rage that eventually exploded all over the place. But I think they were more than a little surprised when I shared with them what I imagined doing with . . . → Read More: Anger


The prior week had been crazy fun. A morning of playing with paint and stamps creating decorative papers for an art project the following week. Each woman had made at least one colorful 12×12 sheet they knew we were going to cut into 4″ squares to be shared with one another. As best . . . → Read More: Crazy


I love postage stamps, and somewhat lament the lack of elegantly stamped letters in my mail box these days as mail is more often delivered without the hassles of rain, sleet, or snow, just the vagaries of cyberspace. And I love the tactile experience of carving my own rubber stamps from Soft Kut . . . → Read More: Stamp

The Pits

Last Friday was the pits. Not exactly the kind of pit you might imagine. The ladies at the Lighthouse, a fifteen-month, faith-based residential treatment program for substance abuse, were creating their own personal collaged pits using Chinese food take-out boxes. Words and images illustrated the painful pits they’d fallen into as a result . . . → Read More: The Pits