I’m not suggesting that Claude Monet move over or anything, but I’m pretty jazzed with the new art technique I learned this weekend. Scrumbling. The authority on all things web-wise, Wikipedia says scrumbling “is a technique similar to glazing, except that the coating is opaque, and is just painted on very thinly to . . . → Read More: Scrumbling


Been on a roadtrip the last two weeks. Not the Jack Kerouac kind of booze and acid On the Road trip, just a free ranging ramble around Western North Carolina with a quick shot east to Raleigh and its environs. What an experience on so many levels amidst sooooo much green. Spring was . . . → Read More: Roadtrip


As far as Vivian’s concerned she’s feeling like a shining star…or two…or twenty-eight. She’s weeks away from moving to transition housing and then graduating. As she says, “I feel like my life is full of light. I feel like a shinning star!” Well, indeed she is. Her prayer flag is a wonderfully composed . . . → Read More: Life