Twists and turns. Sometimes that’s what life is about. A new friend from Australian has recently turned me onto a quilt pattern called Twisting Pinwheels that has been a timely find. I’ve spent the last few days piecing this rather simple base quilt and thinking about the twists and turns in the life . . . → Read More: Twists

The Art of Aging

My husband could live in a closet. Me? Not so much. But I’m trying to be a supportive spouse and learn to live in less space as we grow older. Especially since I have three “offices” in our home – a computer/art supply storage work space downstairs, a fiber arts/art storage work space . . . → Read More: The Art of Aging

Soul Care

The recent Breathe Conference in Switzerland was all about soul care… in its many forms – worship, good teaching, rest, counseling, massage, medical attention, rest, tasty meals with lively conversation, chocolate, recreation, beautiful views, leisurely walks and vigorous hikes, rest, more chocolate, saunas, and my personal favorite, art making. Many of the guests . . . → Read More: Soul Care


I’ve been on the road the last two weeks. And in the air twice for long, uneventful flights. In a beautiful part of the world between two gloriously blue lakes connected by a turquoise meandering river. In a village near Interlaken. Near the highest point in Europe reached by train. In the Alpine . . . → Read More: Breathe