New Sewing Room & OfficeWe did it!

We’ve made THE MOVE.

Thanks to Ryan Young’s expert help in strategically and physically accomplishing the task along with Derek Swezey. We’ve re-purposed five of our ten primary living spaces. All with the intent of practicing downsizing. Learning to live in less space on one floor. We’re both extremely pleased with the results, even though I’ve already made a trip upstairs this morning to use my large work tables for positioning the binding on a quilt ready to be finish.

The only thing left to do is hang the design wall in my newly combined computer/sewing room. And, of course, get accustomed to typing on a weirdly positioned keyboard using a chair with arms. I’ve happily sewn upstairs in this antique oak office chair for years, but I’m not sure it’s going to work with the widely spread elbows required for typing. There’s been some movement this morning trying to teach an old dog new tricks, but… Unfortunately, the other alternative at hand is the ancient (but not antique), under-upholstered, rust-colored swivel chair I’ve used at my computer desk when our years of empty nesting began. It was purchased at a Penney’s parking lot sale for $25 when the kids were still at home attending junior college. We’re talking early to mid-80’s. The worn bearings in the swivel mechanism sound like a distraught monkey being strangled.

And of course, there is all the movement of where stuff is stored now that several work areas have been re-purposed. Fabric bins labeled with care are closeted downstairs. Paper, art and office supplies have swapped cubby holes between several rooms. And I have lots of drawers in my desk, a curious absence in my former computer desk which has graciously gone to live in another home. I’m still getting plenty of exercise walking from space to space trying to remember where everything is newly positioned.

Our computer genius has just left after restoring my computer and printer to health. Both are prone to inexplicable psychotic episodes when moved. The only other hitch in the move was a metal hanging rod that dislodged in my lateral files on the trip downstairs which prevented the top drawer from opening. I lost some sleep that night wondering how the problem would resolve. My husband solved the problem in about 30 seconds by simply shaking an amazingly heavy piece of furniture to dislodge the offending rod! When he gave me the good news I was moved to relieved, sobbing tears! I love to move, clean and organized, but obviously I was more tired than I thought.

 There has been a bit of grief moving out of a loved space, but we have a comfortable, spacious guest room upstairs with an even larger sitting room next door. The TV room upstairs is in the process of migrating downstairs to my old office. We were wise enough not to deal with any of the potential satellite and internet connection craziness while we had my computer’s psychosis to manage. Sometimes it’s good to be a grown-up making the right moves.

A number of you have offered rich comments over the last few weeks about downsizing, moving, and living with less in smaller spaces. Thanks so much for these bits of wisdom which take up no room at all and are easy to move around.

For any of you who have moved and re-purposed space, what would you do differently? What would you do the same? What is the best piece of advice you have to pass onto others practicing living in a smaller space? And what was the biggest surprise about that move?

4 comments to Movement

  • JudySiudara

    Lynne, you have such a wonderful way with words, as well as fabric! I loved the description of computer problems- “inexplicable psychotic episodes”! Please tell us you are now figuring how to put all these wonderful musings into a book. Talk about positive reframing of a negative experience- moving. thanks. Judy

  • As much as I admire your oc persistence in downsizing in such an organized and orderly fashion, I just know that one day I will get pushed into the frantic need to downsize when I am no longer able to process it all through the brain matter. My current obsession is that I will magically move into a 89 sq ft “tiny cottage” in my backyard, and all my art supplies, creations and stuff will likewise magically reform to fit the space available. Who says magic-thinking doesn’t work, at least when day dreaming.

  • Oh no, Sounds like MY bedroom is gone? You took on a big task. I think it is emotionally hard to change work space. I am inspired for when I have to downsize considerably (when we move to the other house, which is one quarter of the size!) But I am also looking at it as a great chance to “cleanse” There is so much here I don’t need.

  • Sharron Luft

    Lynne, you know how challenging and wonderful our recent move has been. We moved from our 30 years in a two-story, two bedroom home into a 1000 sq.ft. workshop space that we’ve made into a loft-style home for ourselves. For the past 10 years I had my own bedroom in the upstairs with incredible views of the coastal range, of the dawn and dusk skies, and with all the privacy I could ever want or enjoy. It was the first time I had my own room since I was a child, and trust me when I say there was no place I would rather have been. Moving was a divinely-placed idea I had and it has been glorious! It has actually been a second-honeymoon of sorts and I am full of praise for the new life I didn’t expect. I live with a life-giving God.

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