IntentionsI had the best of intentions. I intended to write my weekly post about the lovely fans the ladies had made at the Lighthouse to symbolize aspects of their substance abuse recovery. But I confessed to a friend at lunch I didn’t want to. So with her encouragement, I’m not.

I’ve sat at my computer for the last week transcribing a family genealogy for a cousin – a project I began probably twelve years ago. It was my second oldest UFO – unfinished object – after my grandson’s Christmas stocking. The copy I was working from was typed on badly wrinkled, yellowing onion skin paper that was becoming alarmingly brittle. I had to carefully iron each page just to read it. I finished it late this afternoon. The file runs to twenty pages with some additional information gleaned from the internet regarding several family members who had served in the earliest years of Congress. Researching online a name that appeared on the final page of the onion skin document, I discovered that the full text of what I was transcribing already existed online!

Initially stunned, I was eventually grateful. The online text allowed me to compare versions and make corrections to typos that existed in the text I was working from. I was also able to discover and document who had originally gathered this family genealogy in the first place. What I return to my cousin will be a more complete family document. And I have intentions of visiting some of the places where these ancestors were born, married, lived and died.

But… I have no intention of writing a post about art, healing and transformation. Maybe next week.

If you were going to write some thought provoking questions about intentions, what would you write?

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  • Al & Lynn Knuth

    For years we talked about our intention to go through the boxes, envelopes, & bags of assorted photos taken over the years and put together photo books for our 3 children. Never happened…but….last summer after completion of a new storage shed and moving things once again we were forced to look at the objects of our “intention”. So we sat out on the patio and started going through them all; setting aside piles for each of our kids. Did we get them into photo albums? No. But we delivered big gallon zip lok bags of photos and got such a kick out of watching them go through them and having all those memories spring to life! They seem quite happy to have their “bag of photos” & not an album. Ahhh…completion of an intention!

  • Luisa Johnson

    Ah yes, UFOs! I have quite a collection. As they come to mind, there is a mixture of guilt and embarrassment. Mother’s voice echoes,”Why can’t you finish what you started?”…with an Italian accent no less. Arghhh! And yet, it is the precious commodity of time amd motivation that makes it possible to actually finish something. Completion is sweet. Why is it denied to oneself so often? Other priorities take over? Loss of interest? Organizing oneself to start? All of the above and more?
    Perhaps the main reason is that it is hard to LET GO of something that was once so exciting. “Breaking up is hard to do!” Just saying…..

  • Maureen

    Oh yes, breaking up is hard to do.

  • karen Greenslate

    My intentions run from good ideas to “eight part, categorized to do lists,” to recording of a year’s objectives, with aims and focus statements. Thank goodness, I try (well usually) to stay tuned in different ways to God’s intentions (will, word, leadings) in my life. I pretty much find that His intentions are all about His love for me and the purpose in that. I learned in a study this week, that His movement in our lives comes with His perfect timing, using our circumstances and the subject at hand that may have our attention. Understanding this, I am not surprised that whether I follow my intentions, or let go of them, I can trust there are God’s big picture intentions that (if I’m not completely out of sync) will flow through my life.

  • I like moments when things don’t work out as planned but something else happens that brings meaning to our lives. I also like having the freedom to not be bound by my intentions. That’s a tough one to rest in. Our best intentions do not a priority make. Good job, Lynne.

  • Kate Larsen

    Your acronym UFOs made me smile, Lynne. You put in a lot of work, only to find out it was already done. But not by YOU. Just reading an AFO (already finished one) would have been easy, but you would not have “owned” it as you do now. You know it inside and out. And somewhere, somehow, you are touching the spirits of those you are now acquainted with, and making them more real in your life. We never waste time when we engage and learn.

    And yes, I have many rooms full of UFOs!

  • Why? is my continual question. I like the phrase, ‘Man plans and God laughs.’ Sometimes our intentions were just not meant to be because God had a better plan and He is faithful to fulfill it.
    Recently ‘the squirrel effect’ has been brought to my attention. We had a dog that could be doing anything in any room of the house and we’d yell “Squirrel” and she’d take off to the patio door. It was quite funny, but not so much when I apply it to my life. My intentions seem to be forgotten when something else interesting comes up “squirrel”, or I get another idea for a painting while working on the current one. Intentions of meeting my out-of-town girlfriend in Sioux City, about half way between, never happens because I don’t follow through with concrete steps to fulfill the intention.
    Most frequently ‘squirrel’ happens when I start an art project, only to get stuck in an area or get another idea which I think is going to change the world around me, and I leave one to start another. Monday I finally set up a card table in my studio for UFO’s! Six, yes, SIX are sitting there right now while I’m working on a beautiful sunrise referenced by a photo my son in California put out on FB, taken from his street. I have done the small version for practice and today will start the larger, scarier, real project. Or those are my intentions anyway!

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