QuiltIt’s been a quiet week. A week spent quietly comparing a recently transcribed family genealogy with the original document found posted online. Quietly making corrections inherited from the typewritten second generation document I’d worked from. Quietly deciphering whether a double strike was an 8 or a 9, a 2 or a 3, an a an e. My friend Kate was absolutely on target about my sense of “ownership” of this project. I’ve even worked with quiet patience entering this distant branch of the family tree into our genealogy program because I knew it connected eventually with some of my family’s secondary branches. But as of last evening’s online research to verify names and dates, I’m left with a quiet confusion involving mismatched spouses and misplaced heirs.

To relax from the quiet tedium of checking facts and figures, I sewed together these quiet colored squares destined to become a charity quilt for the guild I’m a member of.  The stitch, press, pin, stitch, press, pin process has a sweet quiet rhythm that lets me think about other things so that quiet solutions often emerge out of the creative process. But solutions weren’t quiet this week. They were silent.

I even took Friday morning off from doing a therapeutic art workshop at the Lighthouse, and remained quietly at home in anticipation of meeting with our fabulous tech guy about the need to upgrade my computer and printer – plus all the accessorized bling required for them to function. It could have been a time of quiet desperation, but it wasn’t.

Then, of course, there was the discouraged, disappointed, subdued quiet that filled our neighbors’ family room as so many of us watched the lopsided, no contest Super Bowl. Sitting quietly in the back of the room working a jigsaw puzzle (that was finished just after half time), I might have been the only one who enjoyed the game – except that I had to watch the second half.  Which we all did QUIETLY!

But I can’t be quiet about Renée Fleming singing the national anthem. She was superb! The best ever…and the only one who should be allowed to sing it in the future. Just  sayin”… my quiet humble opinion….

And Doritos “Cowboy Kid” commercial? The best!

How has quiet touched your life this week? What versions of your quiet do you want to shout out about? How and when do you build quiet into your daily routine in order to reflect on your life?

Thanks to all who commented last week to “Intentions.” Your comments were wonderfully insightful and helpful.

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  • Jan

    I’m feeling overwhelmed lately. I’ve taken on too many tasks, although all are needed by the recipients of my knowledge and hard work. The Super Bowl was also my quiet time. Jas and I really don’t care about football, so in between commercials, I knitted. I recently splurged on a skein of cashmere yarn, and is it ever yummy! This unexpected quiet time was much needed and greatly appreciated.

    Love the quilt!

  • Kay Galloway

    The snow began gently drifting down this am at dawn, just when Giulio decided it was time to make his first outside visit of the day…..since that time we have made two more visits outside and can quantify today’s snowfall thus far at noon to be approximately 10.” Nice day to putter in the house.

  • Deanna Bowling

    I’ve been reading. A month or so ago, I went to Barnes and Noble and found a couple of books recently published by some of my favorite authors. I also couldn’t get one book out of mind that I had left on the shelf a couple of months ago. I now have another favorite author. I enjoy reading. It allows me to escape whatever persists in tickling the inside of my head, that continues to lead to as yet still unsolveable issues.

  • Kierna

    Sadly there is no quiet in my life nor do I seem able to build it into my life. I hear that may come when the kids leave the house?

  • Cynthua H

    Lynne.. Very nice to share your quiet and reflections. I find quiet in my car while driving to and from hand therapy and in the early morning sunrises.. Cynthia

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