When is a House Not a HomeOver a month ago I wrote about an art retreat I’d attended where much of my art work incorporated images relevant to an up-coming move to North Carolina. Our house in California had just gone on the market and while significant shifts were afoot, the status quo of keeping the house neat, disappearing for an hour or so most days while prospective buyers toured our house, and experiencing the mixed emotions of wanting and not wanting to sell our home occupied the remainder of the month.

May began with a planned trip to the Raleigh area to familiarize ourselves with the possible areas we would want to ┬áconsider as home, to interview several realtors to find one we’d be comfortable working with, and to look at a few properties to give the realtor a sense of what we were looking for. So after a month on the market, we climbed on the plane at LAX without any offers we were willing to entertain. By the time we climbed off the plane, we had two offers, and before we went to bed we were in escrow. Such is the possibility with electronic document signing!

So instead of a scouting trip, we were now seriously looking for a new home. So instead of interviewing several realtors, I placed a cold call to a Re/Max office and was connected with a wonderful agent. So instead of casually familiarizing ourselves with housing developments and shopping amenities, we were on a mad dash from property to property in a very hot housing market. The first day out looking at properties we found a lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in a 55+ active adult community where I would have been very content. We extended an offer $1000 more than the listing price….the next day another offer was chosen over ours. While disappointed it was a real heads up for me about the very competitive nature of the market, especially for those of us looking for one-story ranch homes. Most such homes were selling like the proverbial hotcakes.

NestingOvernight a new listing had appeared on the MLS which looked promising. We were nearly an hour late arriving for our appointment because of a prior appointment with a mortgage lender across town. Thank heavens for cell phones, texting, and our wonderful agent. She greeted us at the front door and the minute I crossed the threshold I felt happy, a feeling that persisted as we walked from room to room to room. This was our new home! God had said no to a home where I would have felt content in order to provide a home where I will be happy. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but when I wandered into my studio/office at home, one of the art pieces I’d created in early April jumped into my awareness – a blue bird surrounded by thick stick-like shapes suggestive of an incomplete nest – a blue bird….of happiness. Through the creative process weeks earlier I had been given an emotion laden image, a heads up, that would help me recognize the house God was preparing for us. The creative graciousness of that makes me really, really…happy!!!

If you’ve ever had an emotion-laden image given that facilitated your discernment process, what was it? If it isn’t an image, what other ways have you received discerning confirmation about important issues or events in life? If you were to create an image relevant to a pending life decision, what do you imagine it look like?

For all of you who so generously responded to that month-ago moving post, my deepest thanks! Your words were affirming and encouraging. Especially to this weather wimp who will be trading nearly perfect weather and the possibility of earthquakes for heat, humid and from time to time tornado warnings.

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  • Barbara McNutt

    So happy for you all. It sounds like a great adventure with all the comforts of home. Blessings!

  • Deanna Bowling

    – a blue bird…of happiness

    I love it when GOD gives us clues. We were studying one of the chapters of John yesterday in Bible Study. “I am telling you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe that I am HE.”

    I am so happy for you and Robert that GOD’s plans for the two of you are coming to fruition.

  • Mary Doll

    Lynne, I had to laugh – I am a planning-type person who likes all her ducks in a very straight row, and the description of your carefully planned search for a new home melting down into seeming chaos hit home. God has tried to teach me again and again to trust Him, even if the ducks don’t seem to line up at the moment. There really isn’t any chaos, and God is firmly in control. Your story and your reminder of God’s presence and care came just at the right moment for me. Blessings as always to you and Robert.

  • Lynn Dempsey

    Lynne, I sense this will be a very fruitful turn in your life. How brave you are to be able to leave such an abundant nest behind and begin a new one. May you be blessed each step along the way, whether puddles or rainbows!

  • June Veith

    Lynne, your post touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. When Dennis and I moved from Ventura to Defiance, Ohio i did not want to move. But I too had God’s provision. I had had a vivid dream that included a muddy river. Dennis and I looked at a large number of houses of all ages and states of repair needed. There was one house that was a new build and not open when we visited. I walked around the house and found it backed up to a tree lined “muddy” river . It felt right , a bird was singing near by. I knew this was our new home and I had not even been inside! We eventually bought the home and it has turned out to be my most favorite home we have ever lived in! God is Good!:-)

  • Lynne, your perspective is so wonderful. You will have such an adventure, all things will be new. You will be very missed here however I know we will still be able to get your blogs and feel you haven’t left. You can fit in anywhere. I pray you find a marvelous church and you will be able to share and continue to teach and do your par excellance. Blessings over you.

  • cynthia Hashbarger

    Dear Lynne. I was delayed in answering this. somehow its as saved.. but not replied to.. What joy that blue bird has brought to
    you in a vision.. and now a wonderful new home with your family waiting for you.. God bless your journey. Love, Cynthia

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