Art Can't Hurt YouThere are lots of things in life that can hurt you. The ladies at the Lighthouse can attest to that. But as they’ve come to learn through our closing celebration cake – “Art Can’t Hurt You!” And even though a yummy cake awaited them, a whole room of women worked quietly on their last art activity of the season – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow introduced by the new therapeutic art facilitator Julie Cast. A triptych was the morning’s project, an art piece in three parts, representing the hurts each are leaving behind, the hard work of recovery they are all engaged in in the present, and the power of sober living they look forward to in the future.

PowerIt’s even hard to feel hurt this being the last time together with these amazing, wonderful women I’ve enjoyed so much over the last six years. Especially when I was greeted with their banner from last week, The Trees Shall Clap Their Hands, mounted on the wall as we entered the dining/art room.

And it didn’t hurt a bit to pass the baton to Julie knowing the art workshops are in good hands, or to “surrender” the almighty, all-important,  purple key to her after locking the art cabinet for the last time.

Nope, it didn’t hurt a bit because we were all able to finish well knowing that God has called each of us to something new. Well, maybe my hands hurt a little bit from clapping….with gratitude, happiness and anticipation.


But it does hurt a little to realize I might not be connecting with you each week for a short period of time while we continue sorting, packing and moving. While probably not for the same reasons, or with the same methods as the Terminator, let me just say for the record, “I’ll be back!”

Remember, art can’t hurt you!

4 comments to Hurt

  • Lynn Dempsey

    I am happy to hear you will BE back, Lynne. Meanwhile,
    Breathe in the journey.

  • Deanna Bowling

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed receiving your blog, hearing the stories of your wonderful women at Light house, as well as your other ruminations.

    I look forward to hearing from you in the future. For now, I pray for you rest in the Lord as you prepare for the next chapter of your and Robert’s lives.

    Know that you are loved and appreciated under all circumstances.

    Love, hugs and prayers,


  • sharron luft

    Lynne, it has been a joy to read about your spiritual adventure with this group of women. You have been such a blessing to them and I know you’ve been blessed by them just as much. I’ll be waiting, anticipating words about the new phase of your life and I’ll miss seeing you for a while. But – I will be seeing you, God willing. And, you won’t be moving out of my daily prayers. Your friend, Have-Brush-Will-Travel, aka Sharron

  • So sorry I couldn’t be with you to formally be a part of your transition to the next chapter. I know it’s in good hands on so many levels. There’s God, and then there’s you, and there’s friends, and loved ones. It all comes together as part of the move.

    You should know how much I have appreciated your support of me and The C Gallery; how much I have enjoyed hanging out, making art, eating and drinking with you; how much and how rich it has been to talk and to listen with you.

    You are a wonderful example of someone in relationship with God. Thank-you for that and so much more. With love. Connie

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