StarsI’m hot! Not as in culturally with it or avant garde anything. Not because I’m piecing piping hot stars for a new quilt. I’m hot because the air conditioner has been broken for the last week and the mercury continues bubbling in the low to mid 90’s. I’m hot under the collar irritable by the end of day when it’s 87 in the house with little hope of dropping below 78 by the “cool” of the morning. Possibly… the motor to repair the air conditioner’s fan will be installed tomorrow. In the meantime I managing this climatic unpleasantness by exploring the coolest opportunities I can find in the area. Let’s just say we’re lurching from one air conditioned venue to the next.

Earlier in the week I enjoyed a cool two and a half hour visit with Jan Kempe, founder/director of a wonderful non-profit, Faithful Hearts. Although we have very different gifts, we share a similar faith experience and enthusiasm for healing, transformational ministry. Later that day I enjoyed dipping my toe into the cool, friendly quilting scene by attending a local bee.

We continued our “Looking for La Cabana” tour exploring yet another Mexican restaurant and have visited a number of other local eateries since it was just too hot to cook. We’re really grateful for the coupon book grandson Ian sold us as a school fundraiser. Lots of two for one air-conditioned options we’ve been glad to explore. We’ve already recouped the cost of the book.

Later in the week I attended an artist’s lecture at the beautifully air-conditioned Cary Senior Center presented by Jan Ru Wan, a local fiber artist and educator.  Her work was inspiring, thought-provoking, and layered which inflamed my imagination. A very cool experience in more ways than one.

But the temperatures continued to build toward the end of the week. The birthday dinner for our son-in-law, planned at our home for Saturday evening, was going to be unreasonably hot. While we moved the venue to our daughter’s home, our oldest grandson Nate came to our home to cook the celebration dinner. We had fun and the stuffed jumbo pasta shells with homemade marinara (his recipe) were delicious, but I was soaking wet with sweat dripping down my cheeks by the time we packed everything up and head to their air-conditioned house. Our closed-up house was a sauna by the time we returned later in the evening. Miserable. I was simply exhausted and miserable.

And as most of us know, miserable is often managed very successfully by going to the movies. So far we’ve been to three in the last few days…the recently released When the Game Stands Tall, an inspiring faith-based sports story, the brilliant classic Citizen Kane, and Cantinflas, a drama about the Mexican actor who starred in the original Around the World in Eighty Days. Interspersed among these cool destinations are drives into the lush forested countryside in our air-conditioned car in search of the latest and greatest air-conditioned ice cream shop featured in some local publication recently perused in our wonderful air-conditioned local library.

Like cats on a hot tin roof we’ve hopped from one cool place to another until there’s no choice but to head to our hot home and hope the temperatures have dropped enough that the bedroom fans will draw in enough cool air so we can sleep without being drenched in sweat. I think it will be seriously cool if the air conditioning guy shows up as scheduled. AND fixes the A/C. I’m done being hot!

Can you tell?

When was the last time you were temperature challenged? What cool avenues did you explore to solve the problem?

PS – Ten days out and the air conditioner has still not been repaired. Now I’m getting hot under the collar. Nevertheless, we will be heading back to CA soon to pick up my husband’s van, visit family and friends, and then drive back across the country. I’ll catch up with you in a few weeks. Pray for all the air-conditioners we’re counting on over the next few weeks!

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  • Caroline

    Don and I solved the problem and bought a portable room air conditioner on wheels at Loew’s for our bedroom. It worked so well we bought another for the dining room. Also two years ago we added R12 insulation in the ceilings. The new double pane windows help. I get up at 5 am for Bible Study and open up the house, turn on room fans and then lock up when the temperature is 73 degrees.
    Forgive me Lord when I complain about the heat, when our military friends are dealing with 100+ degree tempurature in the Middle East.

  • Susan Lesnik

    Hi Lynne ~ I volunteer at a local thrift shop that donates the funds raised to a no-kill pet shelter. Several weeks ago, the AC went out…..a very old building, with a very old system. Couldn’t get the part, couldn’t get the part, it was coming soon, etc. The temperature was 104 (South Carolina does get that hot). I was getting sicker and sicker, so my answer: No working there until the AC was fixed. In between I went to AZ to visit kids, and believe it or not, even though the temperatures were similar, I felt cooler there, with no humidity.
    Good luck….I know how it feels!

  • Marie

    I loved this one. Living in temperate England, we rarely suffer the trials of being too hot but living in N.Y state in the 80’s and California in the 60’s I can empathise. But! the benefits are getting out of the house, visiting new places and meeting new people who are escaping the heat too. It is always a great way of trying new things. Stimulation is the spice of life.

  • Hi Lynne; your post reminded me of when I moved to Alabama in the Summer, when my son was a baby. We did not have air conditioning, only a fan, and my fantasy was to think of going to a motel just to have one air-conditioned night! Soon it will start to cool off, but summers in the South are never much fun. Good thing you can escape to Ventura, if only for a cool night

  • I get this hot thing big time!! Too hot is a wide perimeter zone for me! not pretty!!

    Thank-you for your steady constant closing line or scripture “Audience of One” quote. I wrote it on my desk. Loving God in community is so good. xox Connie

  • cynthia Hashbarger

    Wheeeeeee. Hot humid days.. Lord Bless them with a repaired AC soon,.. YOu can always get a job as a reviewer of
    new movies if all else fails./ or fine Mexican food.. Thinking of you and sending a cool Pacific breeze your way…. Come soon.. Love and icy hugs. Cynthia

  • Deanna Bowling

    I remember living in the south, just off of the Jacksonville river. Big fans going 24/7, using 1/2 a can of spray starch on my uniform, just to walk out the door of the barracks and wind up with my uniform sticking to me like a 2nd skin.

    I don’t envy you your circumstances at all.

    Prayers that your creative juices continue to be envigorated (sp?) by all the people and places you are becoming acquainted with as you search for cool air.

  • Norma Zuber

    I really miss you two!! I regret that we were not able to get together before you left and would really like to connect for lunch when you are here. I also love visiting friends as houseguests and have lots of room if you need a place to stay.
    Sorry you are suffering from the heat!!

  • Velma Everton

    I can really sympathize with you. I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley in central California and Arkansas then lived in Texas a few years as an adult. I remember how hot and miserable it can be. I had always heard of the humidity in the southern states but didn’t believe it till I was in south Texas and Louisiana one summer and thought I would melt.
    Hope the air conditioning problem has been solved by now. Still enjoying your posts.

  • Kate Larsen

    So glad we were at the ORIGINAL La Cabana with you Tuesday. Nice to catch up. We’ll see you in NC in the spring. Your place sounds ideal, except for the heat! Have fun on your trip back.

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