Thanksgiving Gingerbread House - 2014There is so much to be thankful for this time of year…and this year in particular since there have been so many transitions in our lives. Ordinarily, on the other side of the continent this time of year, I’m madly baking dozens of Christmas-themed gingerbread houses to be shared with our Fresno family, their cousins, and assorted friends…young and old.

This year found our youngest grandsons gathered around the dining room table helping me create a Thanksgiving gingerbread house. No white icing for us since the first snows haven’t visited yet. No red, white and green candies either. Only autumn colored candies, ice cream cones, cereals, and popcorn. And thankfully, the imagination of young boys.

I’m thankful for the young eyes that see a sugar cone as a turkey beak rather than just an tree with autumn leaves.

I’m thankful for the young eyes that see Gummi fried egg candies as turkey eyes and solar panels.

I’m thankful for the young imagination that envisioned a caramel pince-nez for our near-sighted turkey.

I’m thankful for the young imagination that fashioned scraps of leftover caramel into torches and chimney smoke.

I’m thankful for Ian’s helping hands that washed the tiny autumn leaf cookies with fingers just the right size to get all the caramel bits unstuck.

I’m thankful for these two cute guys I get to play with…because, after all, according to twelve year old Nate, I’m a kid, just in an old body! Gingerbread Geniuses

May your Thanksgiving be full of wonderful times together with family and friends.

May you, too, give thanks to God for the bounty of fresh eyes, creative imaginations, helping hands and the Jesus love we see and experience in one another.

Happy Thanksgiving!

10 comments to Thanksgiving

  • Lisa Lamb

    Beautiful reflection, Lynne! Fun to read.

  • Joyce

    Soooooofun to see where your traditional gingerbread house is taking you, Lynne, and such joyful faces!

  • Deanna Bowling

    Dede is down stairs, preparing to travel for a few days. When I was watching her negotiate her way around the kitchen, without a cane, carrying a small cooler full of water bottles, out of the corner of my eye I saw her over at Saint John’s hospital after the strokes, unable to pull herself up in the bed.

    I am so thankful for the provision GOD has made in bringing her back to herself. Her “me do it” self. And I wondered where her boys got it, really???

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  • Charlotte Black

    Coolest gingerbread house ever! Oh Sunday I heard that research shows that the shortest, straightest path to happiness is gratitude. You are modeling that for your family, and mothering doesn’t get any better than that!

  • Tim Farrow

    This made my day.

  • Kate Larsen

    I first saw the turkey as a cute little Thanksgiving mouse, ready to help himself to the leftovers.

    Very clever to keep traditions while changing them to suit the time and place. I imagine that this weekend will bring some snow, if the prognosticators are right.

    Enjoy this new experience in your wonderful transplanted home.

  • Judy Siudara

    I am so in love w/ your 2 grandsons! what a great alternative to Christmas gingerbread houses! and so boy-oriented. But my guess is you initiated the idea.
    I am so thankful for family too. Had the most wonderful visit ( first time in her Kentucky home)with my Karen and her great husband Rick last week. Sure felt like family! I am so thankful, besides, for being alive. Happy Thanksgiving. Keep on truckin’. Hoping at some point you will run across my nephew and wife, Josh and Bridget Reidenbaker, in Sanford. Love to you both. Judy

  • Barbara Kelly

    I am so thankful for you my dear friend Lynne. I told you when I left I would miss you most of all and I can honestly say its true. I look so forward to everything you post and write. Your the best story teller I know. Have a great Thanksgiving and a magical Christmas my friend. Love and miss you!

  • Maureen

    I love your gratitude list. I miss you more than you will ever know. I will call one of these days to catch up. May your Thanksgiving be joyous and delicious.

  • cynthia Hashbarger

    Dear Lynne Seeing your dear grandsons and their happy faces and the amazing pie just has made my day.. Thank you so very much for this beginning to my Thanksgiving day.. It is beautiful here.. tho no snow or bright leaves. the sun is bright and happy.. I am thankful for you and all you add
    to my life thru wonderful e-mail writings…. and your excitement for life and the Lord always shines thru.. Bless your day and your family around you.
    What can be better then being surrounded with Grandchildren.. Many hugs to you and your Robert.. Cynthia

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