Somethings are chiseled in stone. Other things are set in cement. Which is intended to mean that somethings never change. But sometimes they do. Like we’ve been going out for Mexican food most every Tuesday night for over twenty-five years. And although we’ve found a Mexican restaurant we like here in Cary, it . . . → Read More: Cement


After the leftovers, there’s the throwaways….this year’s extra freebie calendars, expired credit cards, even the drips and drabs of craft paints that have hung around for years in a plastic bin. But as always, I can hardly stand to throw away things that just might be valuable resources for the latest and greatest . . . → Read More: Throwaways


It’s the first week of the New Year and most of the leftovers are gone. The leftover cookies have been enjoyed. The leftover Chinese Chex mix have been given away to eager grandkids. The leftover peppermint ice cream has been savored down to the last spoonful. The leftover poinsettias are still perking along . . . → Read More: Leftovers