Card iIt’s the first week of the New Year and most of the leftovers are gone. The leftover cookies have been enjoyed. The leftover Chinese Chex mix have been given away to eager grandkids. The leftover peppermint ice cream has been savored down to the last spoonful. The leftover poinsettias are still perking along although all the other Christmas decorations have been put away….except the un-decorated tree which my husband still has to un-fluff and fold up into what he is sure is the too-small box that it came in.

But I spent the morning relishing leftovers. My friend Anna and I had enjoyed a watercolor class together at the senior center this fall, but couldn’t find any classes for the winter and spring that fit our mutual schedules. Not to be stymied, we’ve decided to set aside Monday afternoons for art dates, alternating homes, AND teaching one another very different styles of creativity. This should cost me a lot of money in the long run because she has some seriously good toys…die cut punches, scrapbooking paper, hand cut stamps, and leftover bits and pieces from prior art projects. In essence, stuff I don’t have, that I can share…as well as add too!

Gifted with a lovely new package of note cards and envelops to decorate, the art table before me was arrayed with an appealing selection of materials to create with. Those that most struck my fancy were the leftover scraps from punched scrapbook paper and some watercolor flowers. A magnolia stamp here and there, a fleur-de-lis on the back punched from a stamped practice magnolia, die cut leaves further notched with a small portion of another punch, and scalloped flower edges courtesy of yet another floral punch. I loved the organic possibilities of using only small portions of the die cut punches. The leftovers before me on the table at the end of the morning would have filled a thimble. And I had three new charming note cards to take home with me. Plus lots of leftover gratitude for a restful, energizing morning of visiting, making art in community, and discovering new possibilities.

What are the unexpected leftovers from the holidays out of which you’d like to make something new? What ways might these leftovers stretch you in new directions? Is there a new person in you life who can share in that process through mutual learning? What three words would describe your leftover gratitude from the season?

2 comments to Leftovers

  • cynthia Hashbarger

    Dear Lynne.. This gives me hope for all the “stuff” left over in my studio. and I love what you have done.. Upward and onward. Please send me AGAIN
    your home mailing address. I have the card ready to go. but somehow in the shuffle of the holidays it was misplaced.. Wishing you and your fella
    a most Happy New Year.. with love.. Cynthia

  • Judy Siudara

    I HAVE MADE THE ACQUAINTIAINCE OF TWO SENIOR LADIES, ONE 94, ONE A FORMER MISSIONARY IN HER 80’S. I HAVE APPROACHED BOTH OF THEM WITH THE IDEA OF “SITTING AT THEIR FEET” learning about their lives and hoping to absorb some wisdom! And a new next-door neighbor brought a giant bag of varied homemade candies( not fudge!) and she has promised to teach us how to play ?”pink dominoes”. So, my gratitude words are hospitality, admiration ,and anticipation. Sorry to shout at the beginning! I never took typing , ever! Love your blog, Lynne. Thank you. J.

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