Fleur de Lis GardenAfter the leftovers, there’s the throwaways….this year’s extra freebie calendars, expired credit cards, even the drips and drabs of craft paints that have hung around for years in a plastic bin. But as always, I can hardly stand to throw away things that just might be valuable resources for the latest and greatest art project. Especially if you have a new art buddy and a weekly art play date is ruthlessly chiseled in stone on our tablet and iPhone calendars.

This week’s art day was at our house. After the well-used plastic table clothes had covered kitchen counters and dining room tables, and all the supplies were distributed among the appropriate “stations,” I could stand back with some satisfaction and realize that I hadn’t had to hunt for anything. I knew where the necessary art supplies were stored. Perhaps a small step for me, but a giant step for my transition!

Our art project for the afternoon was to create combed painted paper using discarded calendar pages, assorted colors of acrylic paint, and combing tools such as notched credit cards, forks and texturing tools. After the papers were dried, we transitioned to the dining room tables where we used stencils and die cut punches to transform the combed paper into decorative elements for assorted compositions – a drunkard’s path/wisdom of Solomon stencil pattern transformed into a formal garden with fleur de lis. I couldn’t resist using the throwaway narrow strips cut off the calendar pages or the throwaway background paper after the leaves were punched out. And I’m especially fond of the multi-colored honeycomb composition because I got to try out my new hexagonal die cut punch, this week’s tool inspired by last week’s art day and purchased with my 50% off coupon. Not gonna throw that opportunity away. Alas, had to throw away the dream that the punch would cut fabric. A sad fail….

Open each photo to read a brief description explaining our step-by-step creative process. 

At the end of a too fast afternoon, Anna and I said goodbye. Her parting comment as she walked out the door was, “My heart is full.”

What are the throwaways around your house you’re about to dispose of? Are any of them valuable resources for a purposeful re-purposed project? If so, when will you “ruthlessly chisel” in an art date on your calendar? What was the last thing you created, or experienced, that made your heart full?

3 comments to Throwaways

  • Granny Joanny

    Being with you, especially creating together, always produces a full heart! I’m glad you’re still sharing your warmth and wisdom with lucky ladies, but we sure do miss you here! Hope you’re enjoying your new community and family nearness. Love, Granny Joanny

  • Deanna Bowling

    I was going to get rid of some of my yarns, and then was inspired to do a couple more pieces of art. When I throw things away is about when I find myself going to Michael’s and buying the exact same thing for another project. I do though need to purge my supply of yarn.

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