Love My Honey QuiltWe’re slightly over the sixth month mark in our transition from California to North Carolina. Some of the predictable stressors have come and gone. And we are finding ourselves more comfortable than we imagined at this stage of the game.

In a part of the country where roads wind and wander like a river making its leisurely way to the sea, in a metropolitan area that hasn’t considered a grid pattern for laying out roads, our GPS was a daily essential in getting from point A to points B through Z. I considered it a good day when I didn’t have to use “my new best friend” to accomplish routine errands. But lately, I realize I’m getting familiar enough with the roads and the accompanying terrain that I find myself occasionally daydreaming about plans and projects while I’m driving. While I don’t recommend that as a full time driving strategy, it is a sign that the recently yearned for process of embedding a new routine is taking place.  I’m getting comfortable in my new surroundings.

So comfortable that I negotiated the distance between our house and the monthly Capital Quilt Guild in north Raleigh for the second time with confidence…and comfort! Glad I did. Won a $10 gift certificate to a fabric store and had a winning silent auction bid on some leftover fabric from someone else’s completed project. The sweet honey bee themed fabrics were just enough to create the Lil’ Twister baby quilt. And there were enough leftover leftovers that a pretty big bee will buzz around on the quilt back.

Bee - Quilt Back

The quilting community has been another amazing arena of comfort. Warm, embracing, enthusiastic, creative, helpful, inspiring, inclusive, friendly, crazy, funny, informative….there just aren’t enough adjectives to describe how this group of women have made my transition so comfortable. Especially the local bee Material Girls which meets months very close to home. And a number of them work at local quilt shops so I’m well supplied with hand-holders and advisers. My comfort cup runneth over.

And speaking of a comfort cup running over…we, without looking any further after our first visit, have found an exceedingly comfortable place to worship filled will people comfortable to be with. It’s not exactly Cheers yet. Not everybody knows our name, but there is a church-wide ethos of purposefully getting to know one another. Both of us feel comfortably well-connected after such a short period of time. We’re both engaged in small group Bible studies, growing ministry opportunities, and fun friendships with other couples.

A collaborative art project I’m participating in at the senior center has also provided the comfort of other artists who often are familiar with the experience of searching out a new art community when they’ve relocated. Some are newly arrived in the area; others have been here for years. All know the importance of making art in community. I’ve dusted off some decades old embroidery skills as we currently embellish the clothing collages that will become an April art installation “In Clothing We Remember” at the Cary Art Center. Needle arts allow lots of cross table visiting. We are getting to know one another better while realizing our project is nearing its end…but we don’t want to quit meeting together. Ideas are afoot about what we will do next. How comforting!

Oh, and there’s the comfort of being rescued in just fifteen minutes after a AAA dead battery roadside assistance call.

Like the Lil’ Twister quilt, the seemingly random fragments of life are coming together in some sort of organized, comfortable pattern. And we’re like a couple of busy bees buzzing from one sweet adventure to the next. Even while propping up our feet to relax from time to time…as well as taking that occasional, comfortable nap.

If there are places of comfort in your life, what are they? What aspects of your life might you need to remove, move around, or make room for to be more comfortable? How does your comfort influence how you gather with or serve others? When will you put your feet up for a few minutes and think about what makes for comfort in your life?

PS – One of the other comforts I enjoyed last week was giving myself permission not to write a post when nothing came to mind I wanted to write about.

8 comments to Comfort

  • Lynn Knuth

    This week Trader Joes was serving small squares of grilled cheese sandwiches and little cups of organic tomato soup. As soon as I saw them I instantly remembered coming home from school on cold rainy days and my beloved Nanie
    sitting me down with a just-made grilled cheese sandwich (cut on the bias of course!) and a cup of Campbells tomato soup with a pat of butter on top which made little golden rivers as it melted……ahhh… & comfort!
    Even at age 71 when it rains, guess what’s on the menu for lunch?!

  • cynthia Hashbarger

    Dear Lynne.. You are for sure”Home.”. I so enjoyed this post.. and all the new faces and opportunities that have come
    your way with Robert.. Especially glad to learn a House of Worship has opened it’s friendly doors to you.

    Meanwhile our coziest day of the week is girl sitting with Kate(5) and Madeline(3) in Santa BArbara. Let’s see…. how much did we pack in yesterday?
    There were Legos.. small blocks to paint bright colors.. peanut butter and honey sandwiches.. A walk to pick up leaves and other small”stuff” to
    tuck in small purses.. First try with small scissors and red paper to make you know what.. and then tuck them away for surprises on Feb, 14..
    Happy day wherever you are.. Keep that GPS close by. Love, Cynthia

  • Ahh. . . comfort. Just the word alone is peaceful. I have been working to recognize when I am wound to tight and spend time comforting myself. As a child who had horrible tantrums, largely ignored by my mother, I have had to work to learn how to provide the needed calming. Meditation, swimming, and writing are slowly taking the place of the dreaded eating for comfort.
    I can’t believe it has been six months already!

  • Bev Knapp

    HI Lynn, Sounds like you are adjusting so nicely. My last two weeks the time was filled with getting ready for Jerry’s Memorial. It took me nearly a week to write the eulogy that I gave. It went well and I felt “comfort” in it. I cried my eyes out while writing it but at the church I was able to stay fairly composed and did it without too many tears. Everyone said it was the nicest Memorials they had ever been to. I wanted to make it about Jer and I feel good that we did. We had 90 people sign the guest book and I know there were a few who got there late and did not get to sign in or forgot to. Anyway , many folks I expected to see there and many I did not know were coming . So many hugs and special condolences that gave me comfort as well . The gathering afterward at Nor’s house was soo inviting and gave us all comfort . She has been such a blessing and gift to me. Sooo many friends have been here for me, it means so much. Hope to see Barb and Tom while they are here in town this weekend. Hugs and Love to you both, Bev

  • Judi

    The Lil’ Twister bee baby quilt is adorable! I love the bee fabric, the quilt pattern and the big bee on the back.

    What you have done since moving is impressive. Because you live life. Outside of yourself. You give “time” to others. You don’t sit around waiting for others to give “time” to you.

  • judy alexandre

    so glad you are “home.:

  • Lori

    God is so good in providing both comfort and joy! Thanks for the reminder to be mindful of the many ways comfort can be found and to be grateful. Here’s to the next six months of exploring, discovering and celebrating comfort in your new “nest”!

  • cynthia thomas

    i just returned home after a 4-day sewing retreat at design outside the lines. i was so comforted while there (in santa barbara, ca). i felt accepted, encouraged, & loved. and i also felt great comfort coming home. i’ve been extremely resistant to accepting my home in a retirement community. yet, it’s this community that has made my life very easy & comfortable. i have lots of creative & leisure time, because i don’t need to do so many of the daily chores like cooking & cleaning. it frees up time to engage in the things i love doing. i’m grateful for that!

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