CookiesFinally. There were a few leftovers. A scant few cookies left on the wooden tray out in the garage. The third heaping tray of hot out of the oven chocolate chip cookies that had drawn kids from all over the housing development to supposedly sled on our awesomely icy driveway. Really, it’s not a world class downhill, so I’m gonna assume some of the snowy allure is the warm aroma of freshly baked goodies.

Growing up, my mother wasn’t an all-the-time baker, just mostly at Christmas time when snowballs and fancy cut out cookies were a yearly tradition. But I married into a family where cookie baking took on legendary proportions. My mother-in-law baked cookies by the gross – a dozen dozen cookies at a time – several times a week. And my father-in-law was know to come home from a day’s labor as a lineman for the telephone company and eat a dozen cookies before dinner…and then another dozen after dinner!

Mind you, these weren’t fancy tea cookies; these were robust cookies – chocolate chip, sorghum, oatmeal with raisin…you get the picture. But my husband developed a very narrow range of preferred handheld baked goods – chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies, and oh, chocolate chip cookies. Store bought cookies were a luxury when he was growing up. Nevertheless, he entered married life with a  still existent love of Oreos and Nabisco’s Ginger Snaps, always with a glass of milk.

When the kids left home for college, married and moved to towns far afield, my cookie baking days began to wane. Along with the weighty consciousness of the connection between calories, fat content, and middle age spread. However, a cookie baking opportunity arose for a Christmas choir performance and dessert fellowship at church. Obviously, it would have been easier to have a number of women bake and donate cookies for the event, but I figured this was my one last chance to bake any and every kind of cookie that struck my fancy, whether my family liked them or not. My memory’s a bit dim on how many cookies I actually baked, but it was something like 200 dozen cookies! Roughly double batches of 25 different recipes. And that, folks, got cookie baking out of my system!

Now it’s gently returning with the predictable knock on the front door…not to ask if it’s OK to sled on our icy driveway, but to let me know they’re out of cookies! A new storm is bearing down on us this evening with an anticipated 3-5 inches of snow. But we have provisioned the pantry…sacks of flour and sugar wait at the ready, anxious to be stirred into action. I love the clatter and clang of snow sleds, the noise and laughter of kids having fun, even the teenager nailing the trash can head first with only a concern that someone had caught it on video. I’ll bake cookies for that any day!

The plate under those tempting cookies was created earlier this week during an afternoon with my art buddy Anna. She bought two inexpensive china plates and shared her stash of Sharpie pens. Oven baked at 350° for 35 minutes, the design becomes permanent, although the plate needs to be hand-washed.

So what are some of your cookie memories? And what’s your favorite cookie? For me, a great peanut butter cookie is hard to beat. My husband wouldn’t touch them. Well, I guess you could say that’s more for me.

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  • Sandy Dinkler

    This post made me laugh out loud. Oh how I miss your wonderful sense of humor. Peanut butter or ginger snaps for me!

  • Deanna Bowling

    My favorite used to be triple chocolate cookies, but too rich for my blood now. Now I like fresh out of the oven peanut butter cookies with a single Hershey’s kiss in the middle. Um, Um, Um.

    You are having entirely too much fun with all of that snow. And your stories make me smile.

  • this post is the reason I LOVE LYNNE FARROW!!! You heart, your humor, your passion for fun and your deep care for children/teenagers…yeah, your definitely a hero of mine…..

    But in terms of cookies, any free cookie works for me (except anything with coconut, in my world, that’s the anti-cookie).

  • Karen Mauro

    I enjoy baking shortbread cookies for my students and family. For my students I use the dough for cut out cookies in the shape of stars and frost them with blue frosting. Rick and brothers enjoy shortbread drops. Peanut butter cookies is Rick’s favorite and I enjoy baking those for him.

  • Susan Lesnik

    i love home-made oatmeal raisin cookies, made with a little bit of brown sugar. Making me hungry! You are such a wonderful woman…..and I know all those kids think they have totally hit the jackpot! As long as the snow keeps coming, the cookies keep coming…..what a deal!

  • Norrene

    Don’t ya just love cookies, grandbabies and more cookies with grand babies?

  • cynthia Hashbarger

    Dear Lynne, There is just no one in the world that can beat my Mother’s home made (heavy on the butter) Swedish Spritz cookies.. always a favorite at
    Christmas time.. If time allowed she cut up small red and green cherries to add to the festive look..Her cookie jar never was filled as folks grabbed them as they were cooling out of the oven and smiled as they enjoyed them.. by the handful.. unless they were too fragile to take more then one.
    Fun to hear about the sledding.. Have you tried it yet? Miss you.. Love, Cynthia

  • Judi

    You are awesome! Those children will remember you forever. Chocolate chip…the best. 🙂

  • Caroline

    Happy Purim on Wednesday! I bought the triangle Haman’s Hat cookies for my Grandson’s 5th grade class and challenged them to read the Book of Esther. Jewish children all over the world will acting out the story. We are praying that they will find Jesus and want to read the New Testament.

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