Fireworks - BeforeLadies and gentlemen, I have just discovered that after two whole weeks of activities and appointments cancelled because of snow and ice, a day-long evacuation of our home because of area wide power outages, the ornamental pear trees in the front yard are shaking their limbed fists in the face of winter; buds abound on the bare branches all around. Spring is going to win after all. And we’ve discovered that we’ve tolerated winter better than we imagined.

I’ve discovered that snowy days are the perfect occasions to explore what can be created with the amazing assortment of altered art paper left behind by one of my grandsons who self-admits he’s addicted to my Fiskar paper cutter! From decorative die cut punched note cards to embellished note card houses (created by another grandson) to collaged backgrounds from the prodigious pile of paper strips, there was art to be made. And to rummaging through long-neglected art supplies with the hopes of discovering something I’ve never taken the time to explore…like the water-soluble oil pastels in this fireworks scribble, a product I haven’t touched in over ten years.

There was also the paper pieced name tag I stitched from a pile of batik scraps generated working on our granddaughter’s wedding quilt – an extreme delayed gratification project that needed an instant gratification token. While the final two images aren’t fully realized yet, I’ve discovered begin cooped in the house for days on end, needing to entertain myself, has its benefits. Ideas begin to bud shaking their fists at boredom, just like the ornamental pears trees in the front yard.

If you were to be snowed and iced in for two weeks, what would you do to entertain yourself creatively? What interesting resource, art or otherwise, has been languishing unexplored in your home for far too long? What discoveries might await you…that you don’t fully understand?

I’ve discovered relaxing into the art making of others and simply enjoying the collaborative process of being together creatively. The end product is not the end product. Such a lovely discovery!

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  • cynthia Hashbarger

    Dear Lynne. This is such a boost to me to get out some of my new art supplies and clean a closet or two.. Wishing you were at my side.. But each day you are indeed close by.. as i have your lovely art items all over my home

    I noted Thomas has your pencil sketch of the SB mission in the Living room —of call places.. on a lovely book case.. an honor for sure as he is very fussy (dare I use that word) ? about what art he shows . You have captured his attention with your gift.. Thank you. .

    Throw a snow ball for me today and enjoy your new discoveries and those dear grandsons. Love from Ventura. Surf’s up.. Cynthia

  • Norrene

    You artist! honestly, I can barely write my name.
    Love you, N

  • Jonelle

    So I want to know who is shoveling the snow? Jonelle 😊

  • Maureen

    Yes, I too feel your presence by having your work close by. The sketch I purchased is the image I look at in the midst of a trying day at my office. It reminds me that you are near.

  • Jonelle, a sweet young teen across the street shoveled our walks after he brought us a handwritten thank note from all the neighbor kids. The driveway we just let thaw on its own.

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