What If

Like I said, moving messes with creativity. I spent part of Sunday afternoon searching through three closets, a large cupboard in the garage, two filing cabinets and the long kitchen pantry before I discovered the “perfect” place I’d stored some fall leaf templates several months ago. All because I wanted to re-purpose a . . . → Read More: What If


We did it!

We’ve made THE MOVE.

Thanks to Ryan Young’s expert help in strategically and physically accomplishing the task along with Derek Swezey. We’ve re-purposed five of our ten primary living spaces. All with the intent of practicing downsizing. Learning to live in less space on one floor. . . . → Read More: Movement


The wise men have returned home by another way having left their gifts behind. And we returned home after an effortless roundtrip from LAX to Raleigh, NC and back; a journey that was tantamount to miraculous considering we were traveling during the height of holiday travel. The wise men didn’t face a $25 . . . → Read More: Gifts


Song sung blue. Everybody knows one. This last week I’ve been somewhat blue. Not too blue, just that kind of blue that happens when you’re not so crazy busy as before, when that longed for down time comes along and you feel at loose ends. It’s that gray blue feeling you share with . . . → Read More: Blue


The garage is full of sawdust. It drifts down the driveway, eddying along the used brick until the next gust goads it further on. Blond dunes of maple plywood dust accumulate on the washer and dryer. Power tools and extension cords are strewn across every flat surface. The garden barrel is full of . . . → Read More: Otherwise


Winter was inching its way toward springtime as we’ve traveled north through the central coast the last few days. Usually we relish the rolling foothills that have turned from camel tans to emerald green, but this year the accents of yellow have captured my attention. Particularly the flowering yellow mustard; some crowding along . . . → Read More: Yellow

I’d Never, Ever, Ever, Ever. . .

Some days the teacher’s not the teacher. Some days wisdom rises up through a single voice to give voice to our collective experience and pain.

We’re working on an Inside/Outside project at The Lighthouse, a faith-based residential treatment program for women recovering from substance abuse, for the next few weeks. Someone . . . → Read More: I’d Never, Ever, Ever, Ever. . .

Gifts I’m Sending…

During a recent writing group, Lois read a piece from a 4th grade student who had written of the gifts she would give to people suffering from the effects of Katrina or the earthquake in Haiti. The gifts were movingly symbolic, none really tangible objects that could be wrapped in decorative paper . . . → Read More: Gifts I’m Sending…

These Shoes Are Made for Talking

My art partner and I recently finished a series of art workshops at the Lighthouse, a residential substance abuse recovery program for women located in Oxnard. Bringing an array of shoes to one of the last sessions, we invited the women to select one particular shoe, then write a story from the shoe’s . . . → Read More: These Shoes Are Made for Talking