PhotoWash as an art form was developed after a pilgrimage/vacation to Tuscany and Provence. Because photos so often languish in albums never to be looked at again, I came home wanting to do someting artful with them rather than create a photo album.  In the midst of working on my travel art journal  I wondered if there was something I could do with the photos that would make them look less like photos and more like watercolors.

It occurred to me that the ink in my inkjet printer was water soluble and that if an image printed on a soft woven cover stock was ligthly washed with water perhaps the ink would blur creating a softly focused image. Then adding  fine line detailing to the image with a Micron waterproof, fadeproof  pen would enhance the detail of the subject that the water had soften…and voilá a new art form was created!

Before Pen Work & Wash                                     After Pen Work & Wash