Scanner Art

During the late 90’s I came across a brief article in a Martha Stewart magazine that said you could create your own decorative paper by scanning fabric. Scanning fabric? I HAD FABRIC! So I hauled masses of studio-stored fabric down to the computer office I shared with my husband and started scanning away.

Then I began to experiment with small three dimensional items arranged in various compositions. The more dimension I added the more complicated it became to close the scanner lid. I discover that fabric carefully draped and arrange over an assemblage of items and weighted with small rocks from behind solved the problem of keeping unwanted light out of the scanner while creating visual interest in the composition. The resulting images looked more like photographs rather than assemblages of items laid on the bed of a scanner.

Let’s just say that I became extremely excited about the scanner as an art medium and our shared computer office became an unintentional art studio as I collected ephemera and fabric to scan. Eventually my husband went into therapy to figure out how to evict me from what had originally been his office. I was completely sympathetic to his need for peace, quiet and the lack of happy chaos art-making so often introduces into a space. I’ve happyily moved into my own office – a space considerably larger than I’d shared with my husband. A win-win for everyone.

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