Spiritual Autobiography

Postcards From the Edge of Glory

One of the requirements of a spiritual formation course I was taking in the late 90’s was a ten page spiritual autobiography. The instructor was agreeable when I inquired if I could combine art, poetry and prose to accomplish the assignment. A seventy page book entitle Postcards from the Edge of Glory was the result.

Why the title? Postcards from the Edge of Glory? How many of us have received postcards from family and friends wishing we were with them to enjoy their experiences. Well, I have a hunch that God often wishes we were with him, or at least much more attentive to His Presence than we are. As I spent a month writing and creating my spiritual autobiography I realized that there were an amazing number of times that God was working in my life when I was utterly without a clue.  He was present, but I was completely unaware it. He wants me to be aware of Him – with Him. I want that too. That’s why I chose the title.

The posts below are images from that book with their companion writing pieces somewhat edited.

Due to the settings in the WordPress template the posts do not appear in chronological order as they do in my spiritual autobiography. If you would like to read them chronologically this will be  the order. Just click on the links.




Leap of Faith

The Road to Marbella

Little Girl

Recommitment to Faith




Holy Ground