Recommitment of Faith

October amber afternoon

Closet-sized hospice office

On the phone with a

Grief shreaded wife

A husband dying

Nothing to do about it

Both of us helpless


Without consolation

At the end of me.



October amber afternoon

Above desk amber glass window

The phone recraddled

Grief shrunken helper

Adequacy dying

Nothing to do about it

All of me helpless


Consolation …

Someone more than me.

 October 1980

End Notes –  The collage papers created for this poem were from scanned photos of the amber windows in the Camarillo Hospice office located at St Columba’s Episcopal Church, 1251 E Los Posas Rd, Camarillo, CA and from fragments of an autumn leaf watercolor collage created at a storytelling & art workshop in Montecito, October 1997.