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Lost Child

Who will grieve for her - Nahum 3:7
written to commemorate the premature birth/death of our first child  and its unrecognized impact on my decision at nineteen not to pursue art as a profession.

                                                 At loose ends

No job to return to

A week's worth of housework done

in an hour if

I cared to do it at all.

A husband's different


I called not caring...


                                                            Lonely - bored

                                                    Enrolled in summer school

                                                           Art & psychology

                                                         An introduction to

                                                          . . .Everything. . .

                                                            Dark & muddy

                                                   An unspoken decision...


                                                          I have neither

                                                          The giftedness

                                                       Nor the passion

                                                        To be an artist

                                                    A gift packed away

                                            In unrecognized depression. . .


End Notes - A scanned image of black and white tempera on gray construction paper painted during a summer school art class at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 1963.