One of the worst loses in life is the loss of a dear friendship. And for me that is especially painful when it involves not being understood or treated like I don’t exist. Once, when my friendship was rebuffed I felt an intense level of humiliation that profoundly withered my soul.

After that happened I asked myself where I’d felt this level of humiliation before. Instantly the playground at Will Rogers appeared in my mind’s eye. I was playing four-square with other second graders. One of the girls was taunting me about wearing yellow socks that didn’t match my chartreuse skirt. With growing anxiety and near tears, I insisted they were chartreuse. But she wouldn’t back off. Feelings of not belonging and inadequacy overwhelmed me. I felt totally humiliated.

 Remembering a recently read book on inner healing, I decided to invite Jesus into my four-square memory. He appeared just as my youthful imagination remembered Him – long coarse woven robe, soft flowing golden brown hair and beard, gentle eyes. He stepped into the game, standing in one of the squares ready for the game to resume. He glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. With a head nod of recognition, He smiled knowingly and raised the hem of His robe. Jesus was wearing chartreuse socks.