Leap of Faith

“True Love” is our song. Some of the memorable lyrics from this Cole Porter tune are “for you and I have a guardian angel on high with nothing to do, but to give to you, and to give to me, true love for ever more.” True words, but our “true love” has known distress as well. Even then there are angels. Probably, especially then.

In the early 70’s I began to feel a great sense of restlessness and progressive discontent. After ten years of marriage and two children, I began to ask myself is this all there is? I enjoyed being a wife, mother and homemaker but it somehow didnt seem to be enough. I hadn’t gotten my college education as I had promised my parents when I married at seventeen. A career seemed out of the question. Faith questions were not a conscious part of my life at that point. Unfortunately, my husband became the recipient of my complaining discontent and that eventually precipitated a crisi in our relationship.

Worn down by my discontent, my husband felt his only option was life apart. Equally anguished over this alternative, we agreed instead to separate for two weeks and see what we each really wanted to do. During the time I stayed with friends in the Los Angeles area I experienced a life-changing event that I only came to understand on a spiritual level years later.

My hosts suggested we drive to the Palos Verdes Peninsula to watch the hang gliders. Fascinated with this newly emerging sport, I talked eagerly with one the fellows. Although normally afraid of heights and having a fear of falling, I was entranced with the possibility of flying. One of the hang gliders asked if I’d like to try it. Absolutely!

Without benefit of training or safety equipment, he strapped me into his glider. With the briefest of instructions he walked me off a hundred-foot cliff – and I began to fly – weightless, exhilerated. I was doing something I was terrified of doing, yet desperately wanting to do. Somehow I climbed up the cliff, glider and all, and jumped again. The people both before and after me crashed. A guardian angel…?

That risk-taking experience – a leap of faith – transformed my life. I returned home, restored my relationship with my husband, enrolled in college – and never looked back. Although I didn’t understand or appreciate it at the time, this was the beginning of my adult journey to the heart of God – my True Love.

John Ortberg in Love Beyond Reason writes that we “seem to have a need for safety…and when we look at the lives of the great followewrs of God, we see this combination of breath-taking risks with an almost brazen confidence of being safe in God’s hands.” True love for ever more.


End Notes – The collage papers are scanned fabric, Psalm 45:1,4,5 woven quilt details and Psalm 45:13-15 oil pastel details. The iron angel was purchased at a holiday boutique, Nov 1998, and hangs prominently in my art studio.