For years I’ve had a guiding motto – Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should. Those wise words have put a damper on any number of hare-brained schemes. But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s fun to do something just because. Especially when your daughter posts a photo on Facebook and basically say, “will . . . → Read More: Because


Gifts come in many forms this time of year. The usual and expected. The random and ridiculous. But one of my favorites recently appeared on Facebook. Posted by a sweet daughter-of-my-heart, it was a photo of the beloved nativity set from her childhood that her mother had recently given her. She explained that . . . → Read More: Gifts


Time, especially this time of year, has a paradoxical quality to it. There’s never enough of it as we busily shop, bake and decorate for Christmas. There’s way too much time as we anxiously anticipate with mixed expectations the gifts, other surprises, and even disappointments, of the season.

As a collage . . . → Read More: Time


For forty-five years there’s been scant deviations from the routine of putting up our annual Advent decor. As Tevya would say it’s tradition! But when you thin out the herd, pack things up, and sell the space where everything had its place…well, the well-rehearsed routine goes kaput. And as much as I’ve lamented . . . → Read More: Routine


The wise men have returned home by another way having left their gifts behind. And we returned home after an effortless roundtrip from LAX to Raleigh, NC and back; a journey that was tantamount to miraculous considering we were traveling during the height of holiday travel. The wise men didn’t face a $25 . . . → Read More: Gifts

Celebrating the Light & Highlights

Our three-generational, multi-ethnic family had managed to light all the Advent candles at the late afternoon Christmas Eve service without setting fire to the church. I could sit back and relax. Then midway through the service the children in the audience were invited up to sing Come All Ye Faithful with all the . . . → Read More: Celebrating the Light & Highlights

Gifts I’m Sending…

During a recent writing group, Lois read a piece from a 4th grade student who had written of the gifts she would give to people suffering from the effects of Katrina or the earthquake in Haiti. The gifts were movingly symbolic, none really tangible objects that could be wrapped in decorative paper . . . → Read More: Gifts I’m Sending…

When a House Becomes a Home

Last Friday my art partner Lee and I relocated four houses from Ventura to Oxnard. Mind you, they were only gingerbread houses, but there was a fair amount of work that went into these little single-story abodes before they arrived at The Lighthouse for our end-of-the-year art workshop. And there was a lot . . . → Read More: When a House Becomes a Home