Bonus Round

When you’re young life happens. It’s a bouquet of mixed experiences you think is normal because you haven’t wandered around the greater garden long enough to realize the uncommonness of some of the things growing there. Plus you’re stilling learning how to cultivate, amend and nurture your emotional garden.

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Bird By Bird

Once upon a time Anne Lamott wrote a wonderful book about writing and life called Bird by Bird that helped give wings to those of us who wanted our words to swoop across a page, perhaps even to perch on the branches of other’s hearts and sing into their lives. But this is . . . → Read More: Bird By Bird

St Pat on the Back

Sometimes the only thing to say is well done. Especially when we’ve planned a more or less non-therapeutic art activity for the ladies at the Lighthouse, a fifteen-month, faith-based, residential treatment program for women recovering from substance abuse. During open studio time on Tuesday I’d discovered that a significant number of us had . . . → Read More: St Pat on the Back


These are the opening pages of my journal…

“Tues. morning before 7:00 – Awakened from sleep with a nightmare about an attempted rape by a taxi driver…Told him to put his clothes back on & climb back in the front seat…He complied…I was not surprised…I felt disturbed, but not terrorized…

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Magic Wand

It’s been a a tough week in my community on many fronts. A mother and daughther riding bikes on a road near my home were injured in a hit-and-run. A short distance away the hit-and-run vehicle, a Hummer, rear-ended a family pickup stopped at an intersection I drive through all the time. Still . . . → Read More: Magic Wand

Creativity & Death

At a recent interview, the featured artist when asked what motivated her creativity said she believed people created because they are afraid of death. Really! I’ve been thinking about that philosophy of creativity all week. Do I really create because I’m afraid of death? Am I afraid of death? I’ll be among the . . . → Read More: Creativity & Death