As my two year old grandson once exclaimed to an entire restaurant as he accomplished the difficult maneuver of apple-sauced spoon from bowl to mouth without spilling, “I did it!” Yup, I did it! I’ve captured the history of my career as a banner maker in an archival book form. My children will . . . → Read More: Excellent


There were long periods of quietly making art. Conversations grew more personally reflective day by day. They weren’t interested in breaking for lunch the final day. They were reluctant to go home at the end. They lingered…and then set a date for when they would gather again as a group to make art. . . . → Read More: Wow


Over the last twenty years I’ve learned that art-making combined with writing is an efficient way for me to process the “memorable” moments of life – those moments that are so impactful that it takes some intentional time to integrate them into my soul. Frankly, I stumbled into this fast, fun, cheap form . . . → Read More: Box


When you’re in your twenties you can’t imagine not decorating for Christmas, especially if you’re the creative type. But I must confess that my Martha Stewart more-is-more gene has aged and I reached a point where I decided we’d get an artificial tree when I turned 60. Alas, my cut-down-a-live-tree-and-haul-it-home . . . → Read More: Trees

Happy Accident

It’s as predicable as the trees losing their leaves in fall. At some point during any given art activity, one or more of the women at the Lighthouse will declare her art work a disaster. Some rush to throw it away. Others sit helpless in frustration. Because we know that impatience, a general . . . → Read More: Happy Accident


These are the opening pages of my journal…

“Tues. morning before 7:00 – Awakened from sleep with a nightmare about an attempted rape by a taxi driver…Told him to put his clothes back on & climb back in the front seat…He complied…I was not surprised…I felt disturbed, but not terrorized…

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Thelma & Louise

This week our daughter and I are celebrating the seventh anniversary of a memorable road trip. And a whole lot more.

Seven years ago, after learning that she had inherited the BRCA1 gene, Karen elected to undergo aggressive breast cancer surgery and reconstruction at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN. . . . → Read More: Thelma & Louise

How Does My Garden Grow

At a recent writing group the prompt offered us was to write about “blue.” As we read our quickly written results, more than one of us commented, “Why didn’t I think of that one?” Once home I found the quick writes lead to a more leisurely process of revision and refinement. My list . . . → Read More: How Does My Garden Grow

Court Shoes

Several weeks ago I posted a “talking shoe” poem by one of the women at the Lighthouse, a residential substance abuse treatment program in Oxnard. Today’s post is an especially poignant but encouraging example from the small book they compiled These Shoes Were Made for Talking.

Court Dates

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These Shoes Are Made for Talking

My art partner and I recently finished a series of art workshops at the Lighthouse, a residential substance abuse recovery program for women located in Oxnard. Bringing an array of shoes to one of the last sessions, we invited the women to select one particular shoe, then write a story from the shoe’s . . . → Read More: These Shoes Are Made for Talking