Paying attention to how beads are strung together, I’ve learned a few things about life this last week, a week of feeling at loose ends. A week of not feeling motivated to do anything, but not wanting to do nothing. The loose ends of an inherited beading project were a wonderful solace; an . . . → Read More: Bits


Song sung blue. Everybody knows one. This last week I’ve been somewhat blue. Not too blue, just that kind of blue that happens when you’re not so crazy busy as before, when that longed for down time comes along and you feel at loose ends. It’s that gray blue feeling you share with . . . → Read More: Blue

No Guts, No Glory

I don’t have the guts to be a telemarketer. I couldn’t stand the rejection. You’d never catch me out and about the community asking businesses to donate gift baskets for a fund-raising event. I wasn’t endowed with that kind of charitable chutzpah DNA. But we’ve been blowin’ through the beads at the Lighthouse . . . → Read More: No Guts, No Glory