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There were long periods of quietly making art. Conversations grew more personally reflective day by day.  They weren’t interested in breaking for lunch the final day. They were reluctant to go home at the end. They lingered…and then set a date for when they would gather again as a group to make art. WOW!

. . . → Read More: Wow

Pulling It Off…Once Again

I was within twenty-four hours of pulling it off once again. But I’d also been telling friends and family for several months that I was working too hard. Then over a ten day period in mid-March I began to experience, one by one, a series of vague physical symptoms that had my . . . → Read More: Pulling It Off…Once Again

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

  Give thanks with a grateful heart Give thanks to the Holy One ♥  

This week many of us will gather with grateful hearts around  groaning tables  to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast with family and friends. I thought I would share four new pages I’ve recently posted on my spiritual autobiography page. . . . → Read More: Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

Woman on the Way…

Woman on the Way

After slightly more than two months of building a website, a dream for several years, I’m  finally ready to say this creative, enjoyable, frustrating, and fulfilling project is finished enough to share with the world. Like life, it will always be a work in progress. And like the . . . → Read More: Woman on the Way…